Choosing the right bed for your child

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There will come a time when your child needs a new bed.  Maybe they have grown out of their cot or cot-bed, or maybe they are maturing and their bedroom is being redecorated to something more age appropriate.  Whatever the reason, there are lots of things to think about when choosing a bed for your child. The choice of children’s beds available really is wide and varied, so it’s important to consider everything you and your child will need from their bed.

How big is the room?

Does your child have a large bedroom that could actually accommodate a double bed?  If so, it may be worth investing in one now instead of buying a kid’s bed.  It’s always best to think longer term as kids grow at a rate of knots meaning small beds don’t always last long.  A good bed can last for years if it’s big enough so if you have the space, get a bed that you know will see them through as they grow.  They will love the extra space a double bed will give them to sleep like a starfish plus there’s always room for another if your child is fond of sleepovers.

Not so much room?  Stick to a single bed for now, you’ll find a vast amount of choice from simple bed frames to character beds and lots in between.  A standard single will accommodate most adults so is more than adequate for kids and gives them plenty of room for growth.

Do you need bedroom storage?

If your kid’s room is so small you have issues with storing all their toys etc, it may be a good idea to choose a bed with storage.

High or mid sleeper beds are a great solution for small bedrooms as the sleep stations are high up with storage beneath, so utilise space which is ordinarily wasted.  Some high sleepers are like bedrooms in themselves with built in wardrobes, drawers and desks under the sleeping area, ideal for older kids and teens with lots of schoolwork. Others have lower sleeping spaces with built in drawers beneath and some just leave empty space below for your child to store their toys and sit and play.  How about putting a chair bed underneath so your child has somewhere to sit and read as well as a spare bed for friends to stay over?

Do your children share a room?

If your children share a bedroom there are still many options and clever solutions for them bed-wise.  Depending on space, there are some fabulous kid’s bunk beds on the market; some traditional styles, others with storage options and some with both a single and double bed.  Do you think that at some point you will need to separate the beds?  No problem.  Some bunk beds are made to function as two separate beds as well.  This flexibility is perfect for family life as everyone’s needs slightly differ when it comes to buying beds for our little darlings.

Which type of mattress is best?

Just like adults, kids are particular when it comes to choosing a mattress.  It’s all about personal taste and while one child might love the feel of a firm mattress for instance, another may hate it.  It’s a good idea to take your child to your local Carpetright’s Comfort Station to try out the different types of mattresses themselves.  Although there are some kid’s mattresses on the market, it’s important to think about their age, growth rate and how long the mattress will realistically work for them.  Support is so important to ensure good quality sleep so let them take their time to decide whether they would prefer a pocket sprung mattress, a memory foam mattress or one that’s a combination of both.

Does your child suffer from allergies?  Choose from our hypoallergenic mattress range and keep the sneezes at bay.

Browse our range of beds and mattresses now and find the one that suits your child best.

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