Choose artificial grass and say goodbye to hay fever


Summer is finally in full swing and with the sunshine us Brits start our season of outdoor enjoyment.  Barbeques, music festivals and al fresco dining are enjoyed by most of us during these sunny days and balmy evenings.  However, it’s not fun for everyone.

Around 18 million people in the UK suffer the summer misery of hay fever.  Day trips, weddings and garden parties can be ruined by running eyes, sneezes and coughs and the symptoms often mean sufferers do not venture into the garden when grass pollen is high. 

But there is a solution to alleviate some of the symptoms.  Artificial grass is experiencing a revolution!  More and more people are choosing fake grass over the real McCoy and it’s easy to see why as it has so many benefits:

  • It’s incredibly realistic
  • You get a green lush lawn all year round
  • The days of mowing are over
  • It feels soft and comfy to walk on
  • It’s child and pet friendly
  • It’s easy to maintain and clean
  • It will last for years

The biggest benefit for those of us bogged down by hay fever is that of course it is allergen free.  Install artificial grass and you can enjoy sitting in your garden and barbeques with friends all summer long!

Here are some examples of the gorgeous artificial turf currently available:

Yorkshire Dales artificial grass

This is the most affordable grass in our range and at 15mm high, it has the shortest pile. Perfect if you want to create the look of a just mowed garden.

Windermere artificial grass

With a more luxurious finish, this artificial grass will give you a vibrant and plush lawn. With a pile depth of 37mm it’s just the right length to tickle your toes on a sunny day.

Parkgate artificial grass

This grass is incredibly realistic. Its rich green tones blended with light green tones and a field jute thatch give it an authenticity which will make it hard to tell it from the real thing.  Also at 37mm high, it gives the impression of a freshly mowed lawn all year round.

House Beautiful Cotswold artificial grass

Our most sumptuous and luxurious grass, the Cotswold will bring high end luxury to your garden. With a height of 42mm your feet will sink into the softness and the mix of greens make it the most authentic grass in our range.  Lay back on it and relax.