Carpetright Halloween fun!

Halloween interior ideas galore: simple, easy and entertaining Halloween decoration ideas just for you.

Balterio Grandeur Laminate

Use the Balterio Grandeur laminate flooring for the scariest house effect. Create an antique look with its dark wooden flooring effect. Have a creepy Halloween in your haunted house!



Red Carpet

The blood of your Halloween victims will not stain our red carpets. 100% Polypropylene material is stainproof for your Halloween parties.



Floorgrip 501 Artesia Vinyl

Black and white, just like the first Dracula movie, the Floorgrip vinyl flooring will awe your guests and perfect that spooktacular finish.



Rosette Bed

A spider-like bed, the Rosette bedstead, should be the only way to make a Halloween statement in the bedroom. Classy, just like the mythological Arachne, it is certain to impress.



Champion Anthracite Carpet

Celebrate Halloween with a carpet that is easy to clean, easy to maintain and super easy to impress with. What colour is better than black on this spooky night when ghouls, monsters, vampires and zombies roam the earth.


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