Carpet stain removal myths uncovered

Pour red wine on it, pour white wine on it or rub it with salt? We’ve all heard the myths, but do any of them actually work?

Famous 2 Step carpet

*image shows Famous 2 Step carpet


While everyone offers their tips and advice, make sure you treat your spillage straight away to prevent it from spreading. Liquids are worst for this; blot it from the outside with a clean and dry, white cloth, sponge or paper towel.


Scrub it with soapy water? False. Never scrub your carpets as this can damage the pile. Simply apply pressure to the cloth as you blot the stain until it dries.


Use a little carpet cleaner on the cloth if the stain hasn’t gone and let this soak into the mark. Rinse the area with cold water after treatment. Be careful not to over-wet your carpet though!


And using white wine as a remedy for a red wine stain? Don’t waste your time or your wine: you may simply end up with two stains rather than one (and an empty glass)!


Gladiator stain resistant carpet


*Image shows Gladiator carpet

If you’re worried about daily stains, why not look at buying a 100% polypropylene carpet? It’s super stain resistant and durable, ideal for a busy family home!

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