How can I get the right temperature in bed?

It’s approaching that time of year when the heating has to come on and the windows need to be closed. Yes, that’s right, it’s almost winter! The season where there’s no better place to be than snuggled up in bed.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you might want an early night at this time of year, achieving the perfect temperature in bed isn’t always possible. No one wants to wake up freezing cold but go too far the other way and you’ll find adjusting to life outside of your sauna of a bedroom very difficult indeed.

Thankfully, we have all the tips you need to maintain the perfect temperature. Let’s take a look…

Switch to a bigger duvet

There’s nothing better than having a duvet that’s big enough to be wrapped around you…twice! Get your hands on a lovely king-size duvet and wrap yourself up so that you’ll be toasty all night long. If you share a double bed with your partner then this will provide more duvet overhang to prevent them hogging the covers too.

Choose a thick mattress

With the winter months getting closer, it’s the perfect time of year to purchase a brand new mattress and some even come with special thermo-control properties that stop you feeling hot and sticky but also protect you against the cold. Whether you opt for a soft or firm mattress, make sure it’s nice and thick and ready for winter.

Zoe Metal & Wood Bed Frame

Change to flannel sheets

Do you remember your mum changing the sheets on your bed during the winter months and replacing thin cotton sheets with thicker, warmer flannel ones? This is a guaranteed way to stay cosy and gives you a reassuring extra layer to banish the cold for good.

Try a hot water bottle

Before you get into bed, slip a hot water bottle between the sheets to warm it up, or take one to bed with you and huddle around it during the night. Along with some thick pjs it’s sure to keep you nice and warm – you can even leave your socks on to keep those toes toasty through the night.

Ill woman in bed

Add an electric blanket

When it comes to cold winter nights, electric blankets are a god-send and guaranteed to warm things up. Place one over the top of your duvet but remember to spare a thought for fire safety by always following the instructions for use and make sure you never leave it unattended when it’s switched on.

Upgrade your bed frame

If you’re investing in a new bed for the winter then choose a thick and warm frame. Beds with wooden slats are good for ventilation and air circulation but divan beds and fabric frames are thicker and warmer. They’re also pretty handy if you have a lot of stuff to pop in the discreet drawers that can be built into them!

Viola Fabric Bed Frame

Use a mattress topper

Mattress toppers provide an additional layer of comfort and warmth. They provide you with an extra blanket of thermal heat, making them a staple of your winter bed linen, along with thick duvets, flannel sheets, cosy blankets and plenty of pillows and cushions.

PSBC Belton Headboard

With these tips you can be sure the cold weather won’t affect your sleep this year. Sweet dreams!

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