Flooring that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

Startright Honey Oak laminate flooring

Startright Honey Oak laminate flooring


When the weather is cold all we want to do is snuggle in front of the TV, wrapped up warm in a room with a roaring fire and cosy carpet. But what about the summer months?  When the temperature starts to rise, the last thing we want is the feeling of snuggly carpet engulfing our feet.  What we want then is a cool surface to walk on to get some relief from the heat.

We are now in the throes of summer – the sun is most definitely here and whilst we enjoy making the most of the great outdoors in the sunshine, it’s great to have a cool retreat to go back to. But which flooring is best to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round?  To keep your feet snug in winter but chill your toes during the long hot summer?

Laminate flooring

Laminate is a great flooring solution for lots of reasons not least because it is stylish and practical too. It’s easy to fit and maintain and gives your home the look and feel of real wood.  Most laminates work really well with underfloor heating so you can enjoy the warmth and cosiness that brings in the winter months.  Similarly, because it does not absorb heat in the way that carpet does, the surface of your laminate floor will remain cool in the warmer months meaning you can lay out on it for a full body cool down when the temperature get too much!

Vinyl flooring

Perfection Sintra 508 vinyl flooring

There are so many benefits to vinyl flooring it’s hard to know where to start. It’s splash resistant so is the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, it’s so fantastically practical it can be used in any area of your home.  With so many designs available you can easily replicate wood or tiles and no-one will be able tell the difference.  Again, this flooring is ideal to use with underfloor heating.  But even without it laminate is a great insulator so is ideal for the winter months.  During the summer it remains cool on the surface so can give your feet relief on a super-hot day.  Plus it is so easy to keep clean that dropped ice lollies, spilt drinks or kids soaking wet from water fights outside  are easily dealt with.

Luxury vinyl tiles

These tiles, like sheet vinyl, are incredibly functional. Easy to keep clean, LVT can be used in any room or area of your home and they look stunning.  Not only do they add a sumptuous feel to your home, these tiles also remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.  Their insulating properties will ensure a warm winter but during a hot spell your floors will remain super cool.

Engineered wood flooring

Dublin Satin lacquered engineered wood flooring

This high end flooring will create a sense of luxury in your home and will give you a floor that will last for years and years. Practical and hard-wearing, any organic aging of the wood only adds to the character of the floor.  If you find the look of wood too stark, throw down some rugs; this not only changes the aesthetic but also gives an extra layer of warmth if you need it.  Again, engineered wood works great with underfloor heating to increase the cosy feeling during the winter.  But during the summer, the naturally cooler surface of this flooring will bring welcome relief to over-heated feet.