The best flooring for rental properties

It’s very tempting when preparing a property for rental to put your own stamp onto it and to style it how you might style your own home. A common misconception is that the best way to successfully get tenants is to make the property look as beautiful as possible, or maybe to think ‘that’s what I’d like’ and before you know it you’re choosing expensive paint, wallpaper, soft furnishings and home accessories and not thinking about how much you’re spending.

However, a property rental is a business and should be treated as such and spending like that seriously eats into your profits. Keep the décor clean and neutral and keep fittings to a minimum. But what about flooring? Should you get high end laminate flooring, good quality carpets or the best vinyl flooring? The answer is you can if you want to but there really is no need! There are lots of flooring options open to you that will be hard-wearing, look great and won’t break your budget.

Let’s think realistically about rental properties and what is required from the flooring. First and foremost practicality is king. No-one really knows what type of tenant they will get but we must assume that as this is a temporary home to them, a tenant is not going to want to invest too much money themselves changing anything, especially something as costly as flooring. Simple to clean, durable and easy on the eye are the rules to follow, but you want to keep the cost to a minimum; so let’s see what products would fit the bill at around just £10 per meter:

Easy clean carpets

Rental Paragon 60 Linen










There’s no need to compromise on style. This twist carpet looks stunning and feels lovely under your feet.  As it’s 100% polypropylene it’s not only stain resistant, it can also be cleaned with a bleach mix, if necessary, and all for under £10m.

Practical laminate flooring

rental Country Oak Room Shot










This laminate is fade, burn and scratch resistant and will give the lighter traffic areas like lounges or bedrooms a beautiful oak finish. Stylish, practical and affordable.

• Tile effect vinyl flooring











This functional flooring can be used anywhere in the home but is particularly perfect for use as kitchen and bathroom flooring, especially in a rental property. Vinyl is water and slip resistant and the designs available are seemingly endless. Give the look of bathroom or kitchen floor tiles without splashing out, with this great value vinyl floor.