What is the best carpet for dog owners?

Untrained pets can sometimes be a nuisance; from wetting the floor to leaving muddy paw prints on your new carpet.

We believe that you don’t need to compromise on a beautiful looking house when you have dogs; you simply need to know what is the best carpet to buy for pets and that is where we come in!

100% Polypropylene

Polypropylene carpet is stain resistant and can be ideal for pets that often have accidents or simply the ones who love to jump into every puddle when outdoors.



Dense Low Pile Carpet

Dense carpet is easy to clean and maintain. That is why Twist carpet, that has tightly twisted yarn, is often preferable if you have pets. It is hardwearing and it is easy to vacuum the dog hair. Also Nylon material is very good as it is resistant to damage as well as soil resistant so it will last much longer.

Berber carpet

Berber is good for long-haired dogs. As they shed so much long hair and frequent vacuuming is in order, this carpet can endure it while also allowing the hair to be cleaned up easily. BUT be aware that this carpet requires regular pet nail maintenance because long nails can pull the Berber loops and ruin your new flooring. It is however, easy to clean and maintain, so Berber carpet is ideal if your pets are prone to accidents.

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Dark and Patterned Carpet

Carpet that is of a darker colour hides pet hair better and stains too. Patterned carpet also hides dirt well making this type of carpet hardwearing and more durable in high traffic areas.


We at Carpetright recommend buying the best flooring you can afford. The better quality of flooring, the longer it is sure to last.

However, as times are tough and when the budget is tight, remember that your bedroom sees less foot traffic so you can get a less expensive carpet in this area as long as your pets do not often visit there.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your new flooring looking great, day after day, we have a few tips. Be sure to regularly bathe your pet because if your pet is clean, your carpet will be also. Then wipe their paws each time they finish their ‘walkies’. This will ensure that no unwanted dirt and mud enters the home.

Why not also think about the type of food that your pets eat. If the pet food you buy has colouring, it may stain the new carpet, so think about buying other food.

The most important care and maintenance rule however is to vacuum regularly and clean stains immediately with natural products. This way you can be sure that your carpet lasts even though you have dogs. Don’t be penalised for being a dog lover and keep your home interior looking great!


    1. Josh Allison

      Hi Melanie. We would recommend keeping your pets nails trimmed to avoid pulling the loops in a looped carpet. It is more the texture of the carpet as opposed to the pattern of the carpet which could cause an issue. Thanks, Carpetright


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