The benefits of striped carpet

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Fancy giving your home a revamp?  Are you fed up with the decoration?  Maybe you have just moved into a new home that’s a bit tired or dated.  Whatever the reason for the make-over, one of the changes you can make to your home that will have the biggest impact is to alter the flooring. However, that in itself will give you a big decision to make.  With an array of choices now on the market such as laminate flooring, engineered wood, vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles it’s not so easy and of course you have to consider where in the house you need a new floor. But sometimes you want to add a feeling of cosiness and warmth and it that case nothing but carpet will do!

But fitting carpet doesn’t mean you are compromising on styling that is bang on-trend; there are plenty of carpets that will bring a sense of the contemporary and a funky finish to your home.  A popular current hot look is for striped carpet and it’s easy to understand why.  Stripes works well in living rooms and bedrooms and are particularly popular for halls, stairs and landings.  They are fabulous for injecting some colour into your home and, styled in the right way, they create personality without overpowering the space.  Striped carpets work just as well in a contemporary designed home as they do in a traditional one and are a great way of injecting colour.  Neutral walls and pale stripes will really open up a room whereas plain walls and furniture with accent cushions or other accessories work very well to bring out colours from the carpet.  Plus stripes are timeless so knowing your carpet will never be out of vogue means next time you wish to refresh the space, simply replace ornaments and soft furnishings to another colour from the stripes and you have a whole new look without breaking the bank.

Just as stripy clothing can make a person look bigger or smaller, stripe carpet can alter the perception of a room’s dimensions.  Fitted in the right direction stripes can elongate it giving an impression of open space, or turn it the other way and trick the brain into thinking the room is smaller. Interior designers often use striped carpet for stairs with plain wood flooring at the bottom in the hall as this variance in shade and texture can give a hallway lots of interest plus create the impressions of a sweeping staircase. Using a great fitter for striped stair carpet is really important as if the stripes don’t line up correctly, the impact is completely lost and can in fact have quite the opposite effect to the usual stylish finish.  Stairs with a turn are particularly tricky so it’s a good idea to ask the fitter if you can see some photos of their previous stripy stair work before they start.

Stripes are also a practical option when it comes to carpets as they can hide a multitude of marks and stains so are great for kids’ bedrooms or areas with lots of traffic.  Most stripy carpets are of the highest grade, tough and hard-wearing which makes them the perfect choice for busy family homes.

With so many choices of colours, size of stripe and style, there is a striped carpet to suit everyone’s needs, tastes and budgets.

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