The benefits of artificial grass

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What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a relatively new concept in home gardens and its popularity is growing all the time. It’s easy to understand why more and more people are deciding to replace their turf with fake grass particularly as the artificial varieties that are available now are so realistic.

With a choice of density, pile height and shade you can get the lawn you always wanted with not only the look but also the feel of natural grass, even under bare feet. Artificial turf gives you everything a real lawn does and more.

How is artificial grass made?

Our ranges of artificial grass are made from a mix of polypropylene and polyester which gives them their rich and realistic colours. Plus they are protected from ultraviolet rays meaning there’s no need to worry about your grass fading with sunlight – your lawn will still look lush for years to come.  Just like tufted carpets, artificial grass has a strong latex backing which gives it strength and stability, whatever the weather. It’s made with sustainable materials too and with no need to use fertilizers and no carbon emissions, it is great for the environment.

Affordable garden design

Artificial grass is available in a range of styles and prices to suit all budgets.  It’s worth remembering however, when looking at artificial grass costs, to factor in the installation charge if you are not going to install it yourself.

Low maintenance lawn

The days of getting up early on a Sunday morning to tend to your lawn will be a thing of the past as artificial grass requires no mowing, feeding or watering.  In fact, the upkeep of an artificial lawn is really easy.  If you have a leaf blower go over your lawn once a week, or whenever it needs it, to remove leaves and other debris.  If you don’t have a leaf blower a stiff broom or plastic rake will do the job just as well.  A hose down every now and then will freshen it up and diluted disinfectant works really well to get rid of odours and mess caused by pets or other animals.  That’s all there is to it and your maintenance doesn’t need to change with the seasons, it’s the same all year round.  It’s not known as a lazy lawn for nothing!

How durable is artificial grass?

On the whole artificial grass is very robust and is made to easily withstand the variations in weather that it will face here in the UK.  The biggest risk your lawn would usually face is damage caused by moles, but of course this is not an issue with fake turf.  In this case, fading caused by sunlight is the biggest danger but don’t worry, all of our ranges are UV resistant and many come with a UV warranty – some as long as 7 years – so you can relax, kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

Artificial grass installation

We don’t currently offer an installation service but artificial grass comes with comprehensive instructions.  However, if you don’t wish to install it yourself, we can recommend fitters.  Ask at your local Carpetright store.

Where can I use artificial grass?

With its easy fitting and low maintenance, artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular for use in many outdoor areas, not just the obvious lawns.  It can be also be used for:

  • Events
  • Poolside
  • Exhibitions
  • Caravan/mobile home sites
  • Patios
  • Roof gardens
  • Decking
  • Al fresco dining

In fact it can be used to enhance just about any outdoor area, where you may have grass, creating a beautiful lush finish that will last and last.

Our artificial grass is not suitable for indoor use.

Check out our range of artificial grass here.

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