Bed bugs boom

bed bugs invade


While bumble bees go extinct, bed bugs thrive in our bedrooms!

Bed bugs have rapidly spread around the world in the last two decades so if you’ve had a recent infestation you’re not alone…

With a clear rise in bed bugs, we must take extra care to prevent them coming into our homes. With so much miserable weather in the UK we yearn for sunshine and a holiday, which means that more and more people bring back bed bugs that attach themselves to their bags and clothes. So, as we come back home our personal spaces become infected.

Keep your home clutter-free and give them no place to hide. It will also help you identify a problem quicker, may one arise, as well as help you react quicker before it spreads to other bedrooms.

If you’re a victim of bed bug infestation then read our hints and tips on How to Remove Bed Bugs and seek a professional exterminator immediately.

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