The beauty of stair runners

The popularity of stair runners in on the up. The staircase in any home is one of the areas that gets the most traffic.

Stair runnerIn busy family homes there’s so much hustle and bustle and comings and goings that the stairs can have a constant stream of people tramping up and down. For this reason it is important to get carpet for stairs that will stand the test of time.  But recently the fashion has been for stripped wood or painted staircases which do look super stylish but are not the most practical solution.  The noise created by feet on bare wood can become intolerable – especially for neighbours.  So what’s the answer? It is possible to have the best of both worlds? To have the contemporary styling of stripped back wood but the comfort that stair carpet brings?  Well, yes you can with a stair runner. Runners are strips of carpet that are narrower than the usual length of carpet with whipped edges.  Whipping is the process that binds the edges to make them look neat and to stop the edges fraying.  It is also used to create hallway runners and doormats.  The most cost effective way to get a stair runner is to use an offcut of carpet that you are having fitted elsewhere. You could buy a full width carpet and have it cut and whipped to size, but this would would create some wastage.  However, sometimes that’s just the way it has to be to get the carpet runner you really want.

Striped carpet runners for stairs

striped carpet staircaseStriped carpet looks great on staircases in either a full width or cut to a runner.  Some people carpet their hall, stairs and landing in stripes while others stick to a runner for the stairs – both look equally as effective.  If you are purchasing a striped stair carpet it’s a good idea to ask about runners for the stairs and maybe the hallway too.  This is particularly effective if you have an attractive wooden or tiled floor that you don’t want to cover completely.

Stair rods and finishing touches

Carpets come in all sorts of patterns and colours. You can choose from a selection of edge finishes in a range of colours to complement the carpet and décor.  You may also wish to use stair rods which keep the carpet in place. They add an aesthetic element to your staircase too.  Available in a range of colours and metals they will finish your stair carpet in whatever style you choose – funky and contemporary or classically traditional.  Sometimes it’s these final flourishes with accessories that really make a project come to life.