Beautiful Home….Beautiful Life. Edition 3: Fitness


Throughout October we are celebrating the launch of our new House Beautiful interior range by talking about all things beautiful and giving useful tips and interesting insights to achieve a truly beautiful lifestyle. Following on from last week when we kicked off with handy hints to create beautiful meals, it’s now the turn of beautiful fitness.

man running

Beautiful Health

One of the best ways to safeguard your health is by embracing an active lifestyle and highly nutritious diet. Whether you prefer swimming, aerobics or Pilates each form of exercise has different benefits to your health and well being. A study by scientists at King’s College London found that regular cycling helped to maintain a higher level of balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory whilst regular exercise has been found to protect muscle loss. Fitness clothing brand Bear Strength have strength at the heart of their philosophy “We encourage those with the strength to challenge themselves to pursue their greatest aspirations.”

woman swimming

Beautiful Mind

Exercise is a proven mood booster as it causes the brain to release good-feeling endorphins which can also help to give a natural energy boost too. Yoga and Pilates are commonly known to have a calming effect on the mind whilst cardio-based exercise has been shown to improve overall brain performance as it can actually lead to the creation of new brain cells – that’s what you call a full body workout!

Health and fitness blogger Gemma from Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra advises  “If you’re exercising at home, pick an activity that works for you and your space. Trying to find the space for lots of equipment in a studio flat could mean it ends up as a clothes dryer, try yoga or Pilates instead, and remember to schedule your exercise like you would an appointment. ”

yoga class

Beautiful Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning night after night, exercise might just be the key that can help to unlock a healthy sleep pattern. Exercising 5-6 hours before bed helps to raise the body’s core temperature, and when it drops back to normal in the hours later it sends a signal to the body that it is time to go to sleep. What’s more, getting a good night’s sleep also helps to maintain the body, defending against diseases like diabetes – as if you ever needed a better reason to cosy up in bed!

couple sleeping in bed



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