Beautiful Home….Beautiful Life. Edition 2: Food


Throughout October we are celebrating the launch of our new House Beautiful interior range by talking about all things beautiful and giving useful tips and interesting insights to achieve a truly beautiful lifestyle. Following on from last week when we kicked off with handy hints to create a beautiful home interior, it’s now the turn of beautiful food.

Beautifully fresh

When thinking of beautiful food, many people might think of rich, indulgent Michelin star cuisine arriving in tiny portions and accompanied by a massive price tag. We believe that true beauty lies in fresh ingredients. Packed full of vitamins and tasty, natural goodness, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are packed full of vibrant flavour that would rival the food of even the most accomplished chef.

Rachel from Riverford organic farms explains what she believes makes fresh food so beautiful: “At Riverford we believe that the very best things in life are shared, and good food is the ultimate example of this. We grow all of our crops the traditional way, on mineral-rich soils where the veg is allowed to mature at a natural rate, rather than being pushed on to grow fast with lots of water and nitrogen.

Fresh food is packed full of flavour and goodness

“We think that this is reflected in the flavour– Riverford carrots taste like real carrots! If we don’t grow the crops ourselves we buy directly from small scale organic family farms, so our veg doesn’t just taste good, it does good too.”

So savour the beauty of nature with every bite when you use the freshest organic produce to create all of your favourite dishes. Using fresh ingredients makes everything taste better, so treat yourself and indulge in the best of the best, straight from mother nature to your kitchen – you deserve it.

Beautiful colours

Variety is the spice of life and this certainly applies to food. There’s nothing worse than a bland-looking meal of beige; it’s unappealing, unexciting and more often than not, very unhealthy. Light up your life with bright, colourful food and you’ll never look back. Nature provides a bounty of stunning colours to bring your food to life. Peppers alone come in beautiful red, yellow, green and orange, while rainbow chard, as its name implies, provides a radiant rainbow of colour. Each colourful stem of rainbow chard is packed full of vital vitamins and is bursting with pure, natural goodness.

Food blogger Lucy from The Smallest Smallholding believes “Eating food as and when nature intended helps us to enjoy and experience the delicate nuances, rich bold flavours, and a spectrum of colours and textures from even the most simple, honest ingredients. Each season has something different to offer for your palette, from vibrant and zesty notes in spring and summer, to the sun-soaked mellow tones of autumn, and the deep, sumptuous flavours of winter. Creating beautiful food isn’t just about enjoying something that’s aesthetically appealing; it’s also about exploring, experiencing and making the most of the vast array of freshly harvested fruits, herbs, vegetables and legumes that are on offer right when they’re simply at their best. Just as nature intended.”

Fresh fruit and vegetables for a beautiful lifestyle

Beautiful balance

We may be singing the praises of all things fresh and beautiful, but we’re by no means advising you adopt the diet of a rabbit, because let’s face it, there’s great joy to be had from being a little naughty from time to time. You can use lovely, fresh, flavour-crammed ingredients to concoct all sorts of tasty treats; homemade burgers, chilli chocolate, apple pie with custard, the list is goes on and on with endless mouthwatering possibilities.

Food blogger Lucy from Supergolden Bakes also thinks balance is key, she says: “These days, there are a lot of restrictive diets and conflicting advice about what to eat, and what foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you.

“But as long as you strive to use fresh, seasonal ingredients, I believe there’s space in your life for everything, from kale to chocolate. Cook with love for yourself and others, and it will bring enormous joy and richness to your life.”

Beautiful you

Using fresh, wholesome ingredients and striking the right balance of naughty and nice makes for a happy, healthy, content lifestyle. This beautiful lifestyle creates a fantastic feelgood feeling that radiates from the inside out, making you look and feel beautiful every single day – so stock up on colourful, exciting, flavour-packed food and get that joyous spring of vitality back in your step.

Healthy eating

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