Beautiful Home….Beautiful Life. Edition 1: Home Interiors


To celebrate the launch of our brand new home interior product range with House Beautiful we will be launching our ‘Beautiful Home…..Beautiful Life’ campaign throughout October. Each week we will publish an article giving insights and helpful tips on different aspects of creating a beautiful lifestyle and home. This week we kick off with tips about how to create a beautiful home interior. Talking more specifically about beautiful colours, beautiful flooring, beautiful lighting and beautiful finishing touches. Interior designer and stylist Diana Civil recently told us “For me, interiors and how we decorate are ways in which we express ourselves so the trend you choose is a great way of showcasing your style and personality in your rooms.” So why not choose a room to re-decorate? Set yourself a challenge and bring out your personality in the interior style you create. Make your home a beautiful home!

Beautiful Colours

Nothing shows your personality more than the colours you choose to wear. The same goes for colours in your home. Colours can add warmth, vibrancy, modernity, elegancy, and even romance to a room, so why not explore what palettes are available and try something new. 

Country Scene Midnight Blue

A white paint palette is a popular choice in modern homes, with many people opting for neutral tones to get that contemporary look and feeling of extra space. There are, however, hundreds of shades of white, aside from the basic optic white, that can hint towards a colour scheme that can then be used to balance the rest of the room interior. Vanilla milkshake, cornflour white, floral white, aqua white, antique white and duck egg white are all available shades of white that incorporate subtle tones of yellow, pink, blue, green and grey that can set the base of a room colour scheme. If you do go for a neutral wall colour, add some warmth into the room with bold artwork, colourful rugs and textured furniture. If you are feeling bolder, perhaps in a guest room or children’s room, opt for a splash of colour on the walls. Reds, pinks and purples can add a lovely injection of warmth, and blend well with tones of gold, copper and antique brass for soft furnishings.

Beautiful Flooring

Just like the shoes you choose for your feet, the flooring you use for each room of your home is a huge reflection of your style, personality and lifestyle. Exploring different types of flooring can transform any room in an instant, even if it’s the only change you make. Swapping carpet for a stylish laminate or engineered wood floor brings an element of class and sophistication to a room. Hard flooring works perfectly with traditional décor, with the wooden finish bringing a natural warmth and classic style that will complement any interior design. Its smooth finish and straight lines also make wood flooring a fantastic way to create a sleek, contemporary look that is absolutely perfect for the home of any modern fashionista. 

Residence Almost Ochre

Blogger Rachel of CosyHomeBlog adds “Neutral colours work well in timeless designs, but it doesn’t mean rooms have to be boring. Neutrals come in multiple shades, enabling you to add depth and light, shade and warmth where needed. You can add other complementary colours too, but try and stick to one or two warm hues.  

In terms of materials, natural materials are ideal to use. Think stone, wood or exposed brick. For soft furnishings and fabrics, find materials that are durable and will last, but also have a luxurious finish. That’s true when it comes to flooring too. Pure wool carpets are warm and cosy underfoot, whereas the look of natural wood can add a contemporary vibe”. 

If you prefer a luxuriously soft feeling underfoot, then carpet is an amazing way to add a whole new dimension to a room. Striped carpet makes a bold style statement that can’t be ignored, and works really well with plain walls. However, a more zany, eclectic look can be achieved with a patterned wallpaper if you’re feeling particularly brave or eccentric. If you prefer to play it safe without being boring, then a subtle patterned or textured carpet can be a treat for the feet and the eyes, whilst being versatile enough to work with any home interior.

Beautiful Lighting

Bad lighting can make a person look drained, tired and old, while the perfect lighting makes eyes sparkle, skin glow and can take years off a face; this applies to your home interior too. Finding the best lighting can bring your home to life, showcasing its best features, giving the illusion of extra space, and even making rooms look and feel warmer or cooler. Beautiful lighting can be found in countless styles and types, so finding the perfect lights for you can take time. Wall lights, pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps and many more, all come in a huge array of modern and traditional designs, but as well as finding the most beautiful light fittings, it’s also important to consider the type of light and how it will work with your interior décor.

Nature morning frost

Uplighters direct the light upwards and are ideal for larger rooms with high, white ceilings because they work by bouncing the light off the ceiling to illuminate the rest of the room. Lights that point downwards will bathe your room in light, making them ideal for ambient, task or accent lighting. Whichever type of lighting you choose, one priceless pointer is to install a dimmer switch so that your home can look amazing whilst adapting to your mood and the occasion – just like your outfit does.

Beautiful Finishing Touches

Just like the accessories you wear and how you style your hair, the finishing touches you add to your home interior can make or break a winning look. These little extras speak volumes about your style and personality, whether you’re a minimalist, love kitsch collectibles or like to keep up to date with latest interior trends. Interior blogger Caroline Rowland of Patchwork Harmony suggests “For a timeless look in your home, try to keep backgrounds neutral, with whites, greys or subtle pastel shades. Then you can add personality through your furniture and accessories, these can be changed either with the seasons or when you get bored.”

The addition of flowers can bring a room to life, especially when used to tie together a colour scheme. Caroline adds “Plants and flowers never go out of fashion, so make sure to bring nature and life into your home with lots of greenery. You don’t have to be a plant expert as you can select house plants that are easy to care for, or simply opt for fresh flowers”. If you’re looking for a more low maintenance option, artificial flowers have the advantages of not needing to be replaced, and also come in a vast array of vibrant colours that you might struggle to find in the natural world. 

E Wood Artisan Nearly White

A strategically placed rug or blanket can also add a pop of colour to a room, or simply provide some lovely comforting textures and warmth. Candles and pretty candle holders can transform any room as the evening sets in, smoothly transitioning the feel of your home interior from bright daytime style to the relaxing and sensuously cosy snugness of dusk with the flicker of candlelight. Large church candles are perfect for a bold and dramatic look, while the dainty twinkle of tea lights creates a more romantic setting that works brilliantly with more demure interiors. The process of selecting the finishing touches for any room is your opportunity to surround yourself with things that you love. There’s no better way to get your own unique style and taste perfectly translated to your home interior and to create a beautiful, personalised space that has been made bespoke for you, by you.

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