Beautiful bathrooms

There’s nothing quite like a long, relaxing soak in a hot bath after a hard day’s work, to soothe tired muscles and unwind ready for a restful sleep. Therefore, it is important that your bathroom is beautiful, maybe even almost spa-like, in order to create the perfect environment to relax in.

Beautiful bathrooms

Read our guide to discover how you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious yet practical space for you and your family to enjoy.

Beautiful Bathroom Suites

Although you have to work with the space you have available in your bathroom, there are still plenty of choices at your disposal, and even the smallest of bathrooms and en-suites can be made into something beautiful.

There are a number of important questions you need to ask yourself before you set off on your journey to create your dream bathroom. Would you like to have both a bath and a shower or do you need to incorporate the two? Would a modern, minimalist style bathroom float your boat or a more traditional one?

Stone effect vinyl bathroom flooring

If you follow the contemporary route, you may want to introduce a wet-room style shower coupled with a freestanding bath. Choosing the right style bath can be a daunting task, as there is such a large choice on offer. It’s not just the shape that can differ but also the material they are made from.

Acrylic baths are still the most popular, practical and affordable option, however, you could opt for copper, steel, cast iron or stone resin for a more luxurious alternative, any of which will create a magnificent opulent centrepiece in your bathroom.

If you have the space, then incorporating a double sink in your bathroom is both practical in creating separate grooming areas, but also adds a stylish and contemporary touch, which is currently very on trend.

Beautiful Bathroom Flooring

Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom is an important decision as it can totally transform the space. Bathroom flooring has to be practical and on budget, as well as bringing comfort underfoot. But of course it must also be super stylish.

Currently a very popular choice for bathrooms is laminate flooring. Fitting all of those desirable characteristics and with its durability and ease of maintenance, laminate is a natural choice. Plus it’s available in a wide array of styles and finishes including tile effect and wood effect, so there’s something for all tastes.

White stone effect vinyl flooring

For further advice and help on everything you need to know about laminate floors, check out our useful laminate flooring buying guide. It will answer any questions you may have, making it easier for you to make a decision.

Vinyl flooring is another preferred option for bathrooms because it too is super durable, easy-to-install and has the added benefit of water resistance. Vinyl also has a seemingly endless choice of colour and pattern options, so you can opt for block colour fuchsia pink, coloured stripes or even intricate mosaic tile designs to create a fabulous feature floor in your bathroom.

Beautiful Bathroom Decor

The finishing touches to create a beautiful bathroom can be just as important as the larger investment pieces.

Where a minimal monochrome-style bathroom can be striking and sleek with clean lines and no clutter, a current trend is to incorporate a more eclectic look with clashing prints on towels, bath mats and flannels, brightly coloured glass soap dishes and toothbrush holders and finished off with a host of candles in various scents and colours.

Chrome and copper are both metals which can look fantastic and luxurious in a bathroom, so consider these when choosing mirrors, door handles and taps.

Still not sure which flooring best suits your bathroom? Order free samples today to try out different styles and make that decision a little easier.