Bars, beading and cover strips

With Carpetright accessories you can be sure you will create a professional and impressive home interior finish in your home.

Vinyl and carpet accessories can sometimes be the difference between long lasting flooring and replacing it after a short period of time. While laminate beading can simply hide the expansion gaps that fitting requires the homeowner to have.

Read on to find out the use of door bars, beading and cover strips:

Door Bars

Achieve a smooth flooring transition between rooms and use the must have Carpetright’s top quality door bars.

Join your new carpet to carpet in the neatest way and create a beautiful, professional finished look.

Carpetright door bars come in 0.91M or 2.7M lengths and in aluminium or synbrass lustrous finishes that can create an elegant look and fit into any interior that suits your taste.

door bar carpetright


After choosing your laminate flooring for you home, you want it to look great year after year. So use our very good quality beading with a DIY friendly and easy installation.

As laminate fitting requires the last board to leave a 10mm expansion gap, homeowners are sure to want to hide it. This beading therefore provides a cover for that gap between the board and the wall or skirting.

It also protects the edges of the whole room either from dirt and dust or moisture. If you have children or pets, it may also be a good safety measure, which will prevent the edges scratching feet and paws.

beading laminate carpetright


Cover Strip

Our cover strips are not only affordable but are also made from the best possible metals and are used to protect and join flooring together. Carpetright’s coverstrip provides the ideal looking finish and a professional touch to your new carpet or vinyl flooring.

It is available in numerous depths and alimunium and synbrass finishes. It is very durable, as it is even strong enough for a heavy foot fall in a domestic environment. Use it easily throughout the home to keep it looking impressive.

cover strip carpetright

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