April showers & the battle against muddy boots

Carpets are something that can be hard to keep clean, especially as they are walked on every day, and even more so when the April showers and the mud that accompanies them arrive. If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors, or own a dog, keeping your floors clean becomes an even greater challenge during the wettest months of the year.

A muddy dog sat next to a person stood in wellies covered in mud

Muddy footprints are much easier to prevent than they are to clean – so here are some tips to keep mud outside where it belongs!

Invest in doormats

Doormats are your best friends when it comes to keeping the mud and dirt outside your home and off your carpets. Place a thick mat (the bigger the better) both inside and outside at every entrance to your home, and let all household members know you expect them to wipe their feet before they enter.

Implement a strict ‘No Shoes’ policy

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask everyone to take their shoes off when they come into yourhouse. You can help people with this by having a clear area for them to leave their shoes such as a basket or a rack near each entrance.

A row of shoes and wellies on a gladiator cord plain carpet

You could also supply flip-flops or slippers as a welcoming encouragement for guests to remove their shoes. Provide a variety of sizes and make sure your guests know where they are – leave them in an obvious position next to the shoe rack.

If you provide somewhere for your family and guests to sit while they remove their shoes they really will have no excuse! Strategically placing some seating near the door will help to prevent muddy footwear from going much further.

Prevent paw prints

Paw prints can be the worse culprits when it comes to bringing mud into your house and all over the carpets, some times even the furniture.

2 dogs sat in the mud in a forest

Some simple preparation is all you need to stop the mud traveling all over your home – leave a towel the door so you can dry your dog as soon as you enter the house. The doormats will take the first layer of dirt off and the towel can take over after that.

If possible, keeping your dog’s hair trimmed short will also help in your quest to keep the mud out – less hair means less mud, especially when it comes to the area between the pads of their paws, where mud can get trapped, dry and even become painful for your poor pooch.

Choose your hallway flooring carefully

You need to select your carpet for the hallways and areas with a heavy footfall carefully. Heavy use carpets have a higher stitch count per square meter than a regular grade carpet, which means that the pile will stay looking better for longer regardless of how regularly you have to clean it.

Worn red polkadot wellies trampling mud on a CHEQUERS TWIST PLAIN CARPET

However, laminate and tile-effect vinyl flooring make great alternatives to carpet in a busy hallway and are much easier to clean. You could even buy a runner which can simply be popped into the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Other useful tactics to adopt to stop dirt travelling are keeping your doors closed, using rugs near entrances to catch anything that the doormats might have missed, and knowing how to deal with mud when it does sneak in. Unlike most other stains, with mud you must let it dry first before you take the hoover to it. If you try and work mud out when it is still wet you will only spread it further.

Sweep Outside to stop dirt entering your home

There are also things you can do outside your home to stop muddy footprints in their tracks, Keeping the area outside your entrances clean and regularly swept is a strategic move that can really pay off. If you remove as much dirt as possible from outside the door this will lessen the amount that makes it into the house.

Much of the dirt that comes into your home enters on shoes that don’t appear to be muddy or dirty. Ultimately, a no shoe policy is one of the most important house-rules you can make, especially when it comes to keeping your carpets clean.

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