8 vinyl flooring designs that will fool your friends

Flooring makes the room.  The finish of your flooring sets the tone for your home and can really bring your design ideas together.  Whether you favour terracotta stone tiles, a classic oak floor or black slate, your flooring is the finishing touch that brings a room to life.

However, a real wood floor can be hard to maintain and installing slate tiles can be a bit too pricey for some of us.  Fear not!  There is a way to get the look you want, at a hugely reduced price and with little to no on-going maintenance.  Plus no-one will be able to tell the difference!

Vinyl flooring has experienced something of a revolution in recent years.  Advances in the print and production process of vinyl means new flooring ranges have been created that are warm, practical, comfy to walk on and so realistic that they look just like the real McCoy.  Plus easy installation keeps the costs to a minimum.  Below is just a small selection of what’s available right now.

Wood effect vinyl

This vinyl gives the look of classic oak in wide planks.  Perfect if you love the rustic look in your home:


Mosaic effect vinyl

If you’ve always fancied a mosaic tiled floor, this vinyl is just the ticket.  The easy installation makes it even more attractive:

145605140314_1_Mardi Gras 591 Nemo Vinyl Flooring swatch

Grey tile effect vinyl flooring

This flooring looks just like smooth grey stone tiles and the dark flecks add to the authenticity.  However, a vinyl floor is much cosier and your guests’ warm toes will be a dead giveaway:

02500429_1_Planet II 609 Arena Vinyl  _swatch

Black and white checkerboard floor

This style of tiled flooring never goes out of vogue.  Here’s a different take on this classic look:


Marble flooring

There’s nothing like marble to shout high-end luxury. But it can be pricey and tricky to install, not to mention cold and uncomfortable. Here’s the perfect practical alternative:

Olympus Chatel 534

Terracotta tile design vinyl

If you are still dreaming of your holiday and want a reminder, terracotta tiles will give you a hint of the Med.  This tile vinyl will take you back to your sunshine break every day:


Slate floor

Slate tiles always look fabulous in any room but can be cold and hard.  This cushion flooring will give the look you want and is super warm and comfy to boot:


Whitewashed wood floor

If you’ve always fancied a New York loft style home complete with a worn white wooden floor check out this faded design white vinyl flooring.  Looks just the like the real thing but at a fraction of the cost:

Lifestyle 01390297 RHINO STYLE PATCHED WOOD WHITE  INP_5516154_5517154_5518154_001