Tell-tale signs that it could be time to replace your flooring

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Most of us live busy lives juggling work and family as well as trying to keep up with maintaining our homes. Time flies and before you know it, weeks have turned into months that turn into years and you suddenly realise that your carpet has seen better days.  Seeing them daily, we quite often become blind to the faults in our home interiors.  But when is the right time to change your flooring?  Here are 8 signs that your flooring may be a little worse for wear:

  • Your carpet is more than 10 years old

Good quality carpet can give you 15 years or more of wear if it is looked after properly.  However, over the years dirt and dust that a vacuum cleaner can’t reach will build up underneath your carpet and organic fibres will start to degrade. Research has suggested that this causes air quality to diminish as your carpet ages and replacing it every 20 years or less will significantly improve it.

  • There are permanent stains on your carpet

If you have cleaned your carpet numerous times and there are stains that still will not shift, it’s time for a change, particularly if you have used professionals.  These cleaning companies use products and machines that are specifically designed for your problem so if they can’t shift the stain then sorry but there is little hope for the carpet.

  • Your laminate flooring has deep scratches and gouges

The lifespan of laminate flooring varies from 5 – 25 years depending on the quality but, as with all flooring, the better it is maintained and looked after the longer it will last.  Small scratches on your laminate flooring can usually be fixed using a colour specific laminate repair kit, sold in most DIY stores.  If your laminate is a click system, you can replace any boards that have marks too big to be repaired. However, if your laminate has scratches covering a larger area or deep gouges, it could be time to replace the whole floor.

  • Your vinyl flooring has faded

Vinyl flooring is notoriously hard-wearing and is often bought for this very reason.  However sheet vinyl is created using a printed top layer and unfortunately if the flooring is subjected to direct sunlight for a considerable length of time some fading may occur.  If this happens there is nothing to do but wish your vinyl a fond farewell.

  • Your carpet is showing signs of wear

If you notice frayed edges at skirting boards or doorways your carpet could be on its way out.  Other signs that your carpet is in its autumn years are indentations left by furniture and a significant reduction in the pile, especially on areas that receive a lot of traffic like main walkways through your home. Plus of course, if you find yourself using rugs and mats to cover worn areas, rips and tears, it’s time to say goodbye.

  • Your wooden flooring has suffered water damage

We all know that water is kryptonite to wood.  Most wooden flooring, including laminate flooring, does not cope well with water and while some is treated to make is splash resistant, most wood flooring will be damaged by water sitting on its surface for a long period of time or by an over-soaked mop.  If you find water marks on your click system engineered wood flooring, it is possible to replace the affected planks individually.  But sometimes a large area is affected, for instance if you have suffered a leak, or the top layer of your laminate floor starts to bubble and peel back and in these instances unfortunately there’s not much you can do except to install a new floor.

  • There’s a rip in your vinyl flooring

If you find your vinyl tiles have one or two rips, you can just replace the affected tiles; simple! A tear in your sheet vinyl cannot be dealt with so easily however, unless it’s a small rip that can be repaired.  Although vinyl flooring is very robust and this is rare, a rip covering a larger area would mean the whole sheet of flooring needs to be replaced.

  • Your allergies have worsened

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Over time allergens get caught in carpet and build up, no matter how much it is vacuumed.  If your carpet is quite old it could be causing your allergy symptoms or making them a lot worse.  If that’s the case, it’s time to change.

For hints and tips on caring for your flooring, check out our advice section.