8 reasons to love artificial grass

The days of obvious fake grass are long gone; our range of artificial grass combines an authentic feel and look, feels soft underfoot and looks picture-perfect all year-round. Homeowners love the low-maintenance aspect, as well as the fact that artificial grass is UV and dirt resistant, but we’ve also collected a few of our favourite reasons below!

Here’s why the (artificial) grass is always greener

1: You’ll never have to cut the grass again

We’ll start with the most obvious sell and biggest plus point of artificial grass – you can bid farewell to hours of going up and down the garden every week, trying to keep it looking neat and tidy. All artificial grass, such as our Broadway Artificial Grass needs is a regular sweep with a soft bristle brush to keep it looking its best.

2: No more sprinklers

Remember that feeling of dread whenever there is a hose pipe ban? That sinking feeling will be gone forever once you make the move over to faux grass, as it doesn’t need any watering at all! Your neighbours will turn green with envy (excuse the pun) when they see your perfectly manicured lawn, especially if you opt for our best-selling House Beautiful Cotswold Artificial Grass 

3: Say goodbye to lawn feeds!

No matter how hard you try, there are times when those pesky patches appear in the gardens of even the most green-fingered of us. Whether it’s down to footfall, garden furniture or pets playing, there’ll be no worn-down patches here.

4: You’ll save money

Once you have paid out initially for your faux grass, you’ll find that that will be it! No more costly lawn mowers, no watering and no more grass feeds or seeds – a worthwhile investment, we think you’ll agree. In fact, our Keswick Artificial Grass is only £14.99m2! 

Faux grass is super soft, making it ideal for children

5: Perfect for people with allergies

Hay fever sufferers rejoice! Your days of sneezing and itchy eyes are over (while you’re in your own garden, of course). Artificial grass is fantastic for those who are allergic to grass and pollen as it is hypoallergenic.

6: Child-friendly

All grass from Carpetright is perfectly safe for children – and no more worrying about mud and dirt stains on clothing or in the house!

7: Pet-friendly

We all love our four-legged pals, but we don’t love it when they dig, chew and rip out the grass. Our grass is extremely durable, so they’ll be able to withstand even the most playful of pets. And don’t forget that you’ll no longer have to clean up muddy paw prints…

8: Year-round perfection

Last, but not least, another huge selling point for artificial grass is the fact that, come rain or shine (or even snow), it will look great 365 days a year. There will be no fading, no patches or worn-down areas and certainly no over-grown grass!

And once you’ve found your dream artificial grass make sure you read our care guide too!