5 (not 50) shades of grey

Grey used to be the colour that described a rainy day or a particularly boring politician, but all that changed when the first book of E.L. James’ sexy trilogy became a phenomenon that took the publishing world by storm. Now, with a film adaptation set to be one of cinema’s biggest stories of the year, grey is a word that is definitely never going to be associated with dullness or a lack of imagination ever again. To help you introduce this versatile colour into your home, we’ve picked out five (not fifty) shades of grey from Pantone’s Spring 2015 palette. See how you could use them in your home.

Grey Lounge with grey sofa and dark grey wall


Everyone wants a sultry and luxurious bedroom and using this unobtrusive grey exudes warmth and works well with other colours such as dusky blues.

Glacier Grey contrasts by bouncing off other shades without taking away from them and sets up a natural background that can allow other aspects of your bedroom to take the centre stage. This works particularly well if you have a space saving divan bed in the room and you can even introduce the colour subtly through accessories like a grey headboard.

Carpetright Grandeur Divan bed with grey headboard



As strong and bold as the metal it is named after, this titanium shade has a timelessness that makes it a perfect match for the current catering chic style that works so well in your kitchen. This is a colour that oozes quality and adds a long lasting, durable and practical dimension. A great match for lavender, pale blue or crisp white kitchen accessories, it makes for a fantastically clean and efficient feel without being cold and clinical.

Carpetright Mardi Gras Durango vinyl flooring


Fitting a grey carpet in your lounge not only makes a stunning style statement but it is extremely practical too.

A carpet in this shade would set the scene and allow other key items of furniture or decor to take their place in the spotlight, perfect for a wide range of interior design choices. A carpet with a strong yet subtle character in this shade also means that occasional spills won’t cause you any long term worry.

Nordic Berber Carpet from Carpetright


Everywhere in your home can benefit from the right accessories and this lovely grey brings a natural touch that is a perfect background wherever you use it.

A quick and simple way to add warmth and tactile comfort to any room is by using rugs. Whether you prefer deep pile fibres in muted colours or practical hardwearing materials styled into loud stripes and patterns, having your walls painted in mineral grey means that you can let your imagination run riot.


We all know how important kerb appeal is to any property and now just when it comes to buying and selling.

Your front door is literally the gateway to your abode and making sure it looks great can make all the difference when you come home from a hard day’s work or simply need the welcoming sight of home.

Nimbus cloud is a fantastic shade for a front door as it is light yet warm, offering an impression of fun whilst maintaining an air of dignity. It’s also works well inside the home with pale greys such as this a great option for bedroom carpets, curtains and bedding.

Carpetright Tuscany two drawer bed with storage in grey colour


Whether you want to add a grey divan bed or grey carpets be sure to find everything you need in store, use our store locator.