5 New Year’s resolutions that can change your life

Everyone overdoes it when the New Year is fast approaching.  You’ve repeatedly eaten foods that are not exactly the healthiest option, had more nights out and less sleep than normal, and thrown caution to the wind because it’s nearly January – a time when you are convinced you will become a completely new person overnight.

Notes with New Year's resolutiion ideas

Along with that new diary to help you be the most organised that you have ever been, you will also have a new wardrobe that is always ironed, a new gym membership, and a vow to completely cut sugar and alcohol out of your life. You will also stop spending money on unnecessary items and save thousands of pounds.

Then February arrives, you haven’t been to the gym for a few weeks and most of your goals have already slipped but this is purely down to the unrealistic resolutions you make – they have to be attainable. The key to your success is making resolutions that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

Here are a few ideas for resolutions that you can actually make happen!

Meditate for a healthy body & mind

Long gone are the days when meditation was for hippies and monks, it is now officially trendy and a totally normal part of many people’s daily routine.

Meditate for healthy body and mind

Meditation has a whole host of benefits to your mental and subsequent physical health, which naturally has a positive effect on the rest of your life. The great thing about it is that you only have to do 5 minutes a day to get the benefits both at work and in your personal life, and there are many apps to get you started.

Meditation has been known to give you more energy, lower blood pressure and reduce tension-related pain, improving both your mood and immune system.

Drink more water

Drinking more water is so easy that you have no excuse not to. Start your day with a pint of water and you will have already helped your body maintain the optimum temperature, absorb and transport nutrients, aid digestion, energise muscles, keep skin looking good, teeth healthy and your mind refreshed. If you keep this resolution you will see the benefits both mentally and physically all day, every day.

Drink more water

Improve your sleep with a new bed & mattress

Often, people see buying a new bed as a relatively rare purchase that you make only when the old one is broken, and the same goes for a mattress. However, The Sleep Council recommends that you replace your bed after 7 years in order to get the best night’s sleep.

Hampton Wood Bed Frame

You’re probably going to spend over 20,000 hours on your bed over the next 7 years, so it’s worth taking a little time and effort to make sure you make the right choice – take a look at our handy mattress buying guide for some expert help!

When it comes to your mattress, whether it’s a single mattress, a double mattress, memory foam or pocket sprung, you really must spent 20 minutes trying it out in order to find the one that is right for you.

Contour plus Memory Miracoil Mattress r

Sleeping can help with weight-loss, boosting memory power and could even help you live longer. The foundation of a good sleep is a comfortable bed and the right mattress – you really can’t put a price tag on a sleeping well.

Schedule time away from your mobile phone

Promise yourself that each day you will stop looking at your phone and do an activity instead. Open your eyes and look at the world around you, giving yourself a real break.

Take some time away from your phone

In this day and age, your whole life is a click away. Many people are guilty of looking at a screen up to the moment they close their eyes at bedtime, actually activating your mind rather than letting it wind-down and drift off to sleep as you naturally should.

This resolution will give you a break from letting your work slip into your personal time and stop you getting distracted when you’re trying to spend time with your loved ones, allowing you to achieve a better work/life balance.

Eat more vegetables

A great way to up your intake of greens is to have them in the form of a daily smoothie. This dose of vegetables can make such a difference to your health, and in the form of a smoothie you can mix them with almost anything to make them taste even more delicious.

If you don’t fancy a smoothie, just making a conscious effort to have greens regularly with your meal can greatly increase your health. Leafy vegetables especially are packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and may help to prevent you from getting heart disease, diabetes and perhaps even cancer.

Juices, fruit, vegetables and smoothies

These resolutions are realistic, easy to keep, and could easily become part of your everyday life without you even noticing. You don’t have to spend time commuting to the gym, or starve yourself for weeks on end. These are things that are not time consuming, and that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve overhauled your mind, body and spirit, have a go and updating your home with an interior design New Year makeover.

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