Happy St. George’s Day!

St Georges flag

At Carpetright, we think it’s high time that the country made more effort to celebrate everything that’s great about England, and what better day to do it than St George’s Day?

To start the celebrations, here are our top 5 brilliant things that are definitely worth celebrating about living in England today.

The Countryside

Ok, so the English weather might not be fantastic all the time, but that rain does have its benefits – after all, they don’t call England a ‘green and pleasant land’ for nothing!
From the Dales and the Lake District, to the New Forest and the Cornish coast, our country boasts some simply stunning natural landscapes that are bursting with unique wildlife.
It’s no wonder that people flock from all over the world to enjoy the amazing English countryside.

The Food

English afternoon tea

Ask anyone what they miss most when they leave England, and it’s likely that food will be somewhere close to the top of the list.

It isn’t just about our classic national dishes like fish and chips or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding – every region has its unique delicacies, from the Cornish Pasty and Bakewell Tart, to London’s jellied eels.

Our cheese and meat is world renowned, and modern English cuisine is starting to win over international fans as well. Over the past 20 years, England has transformed its gastronomic reputation and become a nation of foodies, packed with Michelin starred restaurants and pioneering celebrity chefs.

The Music

Glasto festival goers

If there’s one thing that England truly punches above its weight in, it’s popular music. We’ve been a pioneering, trend-setting force in global music for generations, and not just in the English-speaking world.

From 60s icons like The Beatles, through punk rock, heavy metal and Britpop, to more modern music like drum & bass and dubstep, English artists have been at the forefront of many of the popular musical movements of the past 50 years. To top things off, we’ve got a vibrant nationwide live music scene and one of the best summer festival programmes in the world!

The Fashion

fashion models in dresses

Get the London look! When it comes to fashion, England is a world leader.
The country has produced many of the top fashion designers of the last 150 years, from early pioneers like Thomas Burberry to more modern sartorial icons like Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney.

Whilst England is no longer the centre for textile manufacturing, it’s still a design powerhouse. A new crop of designers are setting trends and leading the way and the clothes you see on the catwalks each February and September for London Fashion week influence clothes styles and designs worldwide.

The Buildings

England’s architectural heritage is absolutely unmatched, and our landmark buildings are definitely worth celebrating.

Our country’s beautiful landscape (see above!) boasts hundreds of well managed and beautifully preserved churches, castles, country houses and heritage buildings that tell the stories of over 2000 years of rich history.

Over the years, England’s pioneering engineers, architects, builders and designers have transformed our urban spaces, pushing the boundaries and producing some of the world’s most iconic structures.

With historic treasures like Westminster Abbey, to innovative modern monuments like the Angel of the North and engineering marvels like the Humber Bridge, we should be really proud of England’s buildings.

Carpetright’s English Heritage

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At CarpetRight, we’re proud of our English roots. We opened our first store in London in 1988, and today, have hundreds of stores all across England, from Camborne in the South West, to Berwick on the Scottish borders, as well as being a market-leader in flooring online.
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