5 of the best ways to scent your home for summer

Summer is a time of bright colours, hot temperatures and great experiences, but it is also a time of intoxicating smells. Whether you associate the scent of freshly cut grass or the delicate aromas of blossom and rose petals with the season, chances are there are certain smells that get you thinking about nothing but summer.

So, with the weather finally showing signs of improvement, why not bring these smells into your home? Summer DIY isn’t all about new furniture and fresh coats of paint after all…

1. Burn candles

When the nights draw in and you’re snuggled on the sofa, there is nothing better than lighting a few candles for ambience. Choose a range of different candles – from tealights to traditional taper candlesticks – and fill your home with your favourite scents.

Tea lights in mason jars

You’ll find plenty of summer themed options, so why not burn a couple during the day to keep your home smelling wonderful? You can even take tealights outside in lanterns or holders to brighten up those night-time garden parties and summer BBQs.

2. Use an air-freshener

Whether you opt for a plug-in air-freshener that runs off the mains or a battery-operated one that is motion activated is up to you but air-fresheners are a great way to bring delicate smells into your home throughout the day.

These handy products aren’t just for the bathroom, so set them up throughout the home to ensure a constant supply of soft summer smells.

3. Spray furnishings

Nowadays you can find a great range of linen sprays to use around the home and these can offer much longer-lasting scents than traditional aerosol air-fresheners. Find one in a scent you like and spray your soft furnishings lightly to invigorate them with sweet summer smells.


You should just check the spray you have chosen is safe to use on your furnishings first (not all materials will be suitable for this product) but most linen sprays can be used on rugs, curtains, cushions and throws.

4. Burn oils and waxes

Essential oils or waxes have very strong smells that work really well in homes so why not burn them alongside your candles? You may find the waxes and oils offer better value for money than scented candles (they also last longer), and you can make a feature of the burners by choosing one that works with your interior decor.

Simply light a tealight beneath your burner and let the delicate smells of summer waft through your home all day long.

5. Sprinkly potpourri

Potpourri is a traditional way of adding colour, scent and intrigue to your home so why not sprinkle some around your home and add a summer scent? The best thing about potpourri is that you top it up with essential oils yourself so you can change the scent depending on the season.

Dried rose petals in bowl

Arrange in glass bowls for a striking impact and leave somewhere that is likely to get warm (to encourage the scents to diffuse) but which is not in direct sunlight so as not to fade the colour or dye on the potpourri.

You can also consider using reed diffusers if you prefer their more modern and minimalist look.

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