The right floor for you


A hard floor isn’t just for the hard core. It can be a great, functional addition to your home. There are a few types of hard flooring so taking the time to understand the differences means you’ll get a look that you love – and one that will last.

Flooring falls into:

  • Laminate; a trusty favourite amongst many households
  • LVT; stands for luxury vinyl tiles, a sturdy alternative to laminate
  • Engineered wood; the easy way to enjoy the looks of a solid wood floor but with scratch resistance peace of mind


Why choose laminate flooring?

Let’s start with laminate. Everyone knows laminate flooring as the practical, go-to flooring solution. But it actually offers a lot more in terms of changing the feel of a room overall and comes with the extra benefits of it being tough enough for spills and thrills.



Why choose LVT?

Secondly, we introduce our Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Fun fact; it’s actually not a tile at all! The layering of this product makes it very similar in look and feel to laminate however it can withstand high-traffic areas easily and you’ll be glad to hear can endure high levels of spillages without warping or causing water seeping beneath the planks.


It’s great for bathrooms and kitchens, with a great range of different styles and its realistic replication of wood or stone gives it an unbelievable finish for a fraction of the cost. It’ll fit perfectly in any room giving you the pet-proof, kid-proof and of course klutz-proofing you need. And when we say kid-proof, we mean those big kids too!


Why choose engineered wood?

Now, if you’re keen on the idea of real wood but not sure whether it’s going to be able to give you the lifespan you need it to, opt for the sturdier and more robust alternative; engineered wood.

Engineered wood gives you all the elegance and style of a real wood floor, but it’s a tougher cookie. Eliminate the fear of your guests wearing those killer heels across your brand new wood floor. No more holding your breath as those car keys hit the floor. That’s satisfaction at a good price!



Ready to make the change this Easter?

Laminate, LVT and engineered wood are all easy to fit flooring solutions, but if you would rather put your feet up this Easter, try our recommended fitting service approved by Which? Trusted Traders and save you a few hours work.

There’s no better time to make that change and if this isn’t enough? This Easter there is:

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