10 signs you might need a new bed

 Woman sat in bed looking frustrated as man sleeps beside her Large

Most of us have very busy lives and that makes time fly.  It could be years since you changed your mattress or bed but the chances are you are not sure exactly how many years.  The Sleep Council recommends that we change our mattresses around every 7 years for the good of our health but there are some tell-tale signs that you are in need of somewhere new to lay your head.  Read on and see if your bed is hinting to you that it needs replacing:

  1. You wake up achy

If you feel worse physically than you did before you nodded off, there’s a high possibility you need a new mattress. Aches and pains all over your body upon waking, and in particular your back, are a sign that your mattress is not giving you the support you need all night long.  Mattresses should support your hips, shoulders and back so any pain in these areas is a sure sign that the support has gone and it’s time for a mattress or bed refresh.

  1. Waking up is hard to do

Sleep is imperative for your mental as well as physical health, and the quality of that sleep is what dictates our mental state each day.  You should feel refreshed after a night in the land of nod but if you are waking up wanting to go straight back to sleep, or feeling tired all day, your sleep quality is probably not sufficient.  Your mattress may feel really comfy, but don’t be deceived; it doesn’t mean it is supporting you correctly.

  1. You can’t feel the bed for lumps

Lumps in your pocket sprung mattress are usually caused by springs dislodged over time.  These springs can dig into your body causing discomfort and a number of broken springs will create sagging in the mattress, just where you need support.  If this is the case for you it’s time to go bed shopping.  With so many types of beds and mattresses now available, it may be best to go for something different.  A memory foam mattress has no springs so you will never suffer from this problem again plus the support it provides becomes moulded to your own body.  Lumps can also occur if the filling is not stitched or tufted very well so becomes uneven inside.  This can happen with cheaper mattresses so it’s better to go for a good quality one where possible.

  1. You prefer a sleepover

If you sleep so much better in someone else’s bed, the spare room or at a hotel, you and your bed (or at the very least your mattress) need to part company.  What mattress is on your spare bed or your friend’s house?  Maybe invest in something similar for your own room.

  1. Rolling, rolling, rolling

If you find that you and your partner are suddenly rolling together and getting cosier more often than you were it’s probably due to your mattress failing to support you both.  Once the support has gone, your mattress will start to sag in the middle causing you to roll together.  It’s definitely time to get a new bed.

  1. Your bed frame is wobbly

Your bed needs to be robust and stable if it’s going to provide you with supported quality sleep.  Check the legs and base and if they are in any way unstable it’s time to pop to Carpetright to try out some new beds.

  1. You’re wheezing and sneezing

If you are an allergy sufferer and your bed is quite old you may find that your symptoms worsen.  This is because an older mattress will attract and hold onto more allergens, dust and mites.  If that’s the case maybe you should consider upgrading to a latex mattress which doesn’t hold allergens at all so perfect for you.

  1. It’s not firm enough for you anymore

Sometimes, it’s just a case of the mattress no longer working for you.  Some people, as they get older, need a firmer mattress for extra support. If you find your bed is no longer the haven of comfort it once was, go and try some firmer mattresses, it could be just what you need.

  1. Your bed base is groaning

If your bed base with a box spring is waking you up by groaning and moaning with every turn, it means that it is no longer giving your mattress the support it needs.  This in turn makes your mattress sag so don’t ignore those tell-tale noises.

  1. Your mattress is sagging

This can happen if you haven’t flipped or turned your mattress regularly enough and there’s been uneven wear of the inner spring system. Once you spot or feel your mattress sagging it cannot be saved and for the sake of your back, it’s time for a change.