What carpet colours go with white walls?

Although the trend for bold, modern living spaces has led to coloured walls enjoying a spike in popularity, white is still the most popular shade for walls in the home – offering versatility while opening up your room to make it appear larger and brighter. Of course, with versatility comes choice, and there are so many carpet types that can be matched with white walls it can be difficult to decide which one to go for – so how exactly do you go about picking the perfect carpet for your room?

White Walls and Dark Carpets

Grey carpet and white walls

Firstly, you’ll need to bear in mind what the room is likely to be used for – while white carpets can complement white walls in creating a chic, contemporary look, they’re unlikely to be suitable for homes with young children or pets as they will quickly become soiled or stained. Darker shades can be more practical in these circumstances, as they hide stains better while adding a sense of tranquillity to bright rooms.

brown carpets and white walls

Bright primary colour and beige Carpets

Navy carpet and white walls Another thing to consider is what mood you want your room to convey. From calming pastel tones to bright and lively primary colours, the shade of your carpet is key to achieving the atmosphere you want.

Champagne carpet with white walls

Beige carpets are a timeless choice and ideal for creating a relaxed, cosy environment – and the luxurious feel of our Champagne Saxony Carpet, available in beige, makes it a highlight of the Carpetright collection. One additional benefit of a beige carpet is that it can help to make a room feel bigger – making it a perfect choice if you have limited space.

Warming red carpet and White Walls

red carpet and white walls

If you prefer a more striking look, the deep shades of a navy blue or mauve carpet will contrast well with bright white walls, giving the room a stylish yet welcoming feel. Rooms that lack natural light can be enhanced by a warming red carpet – red combines well with the neutral tones of a white wall, so the red fleur Rossini Patterned Carpet might be ideal for your requirements.

Stripe Carpet and White Walls

stripe carpte and white walls

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to a room, you may even consider a stripe carpet – offset by neutral walls, they can provide a quirky, modern twist to really give your room character – and can be a particularly charming addition to your office room. The stripe Carpet is available in a variety of tones .

2019 Trend

Evocative of warm summer days in the Italian sunshine, gelato carpets are especially popular in 2019, giving a light and luxurious feel to any room. Whether you prefer the subtlety of a caramel Waverley Wool Twist Carpet or something a bit bolder like the baby pink of your favourite strawberry ice cream, there are endless possibilities with this fashionable style.

Caramel carpet and whote walls

Alternatively, earthy shades of green and brown can add a retro feel to your room while providing a sense of serenity. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that lighter shades of carpet tend to show up stains more easily – so they may be more suited to rooms with less footfall.