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Grey Tartan Living Room Ideas

Offering style and sophistication without feeling cold or unhomely, grey has become an increasingly popular colour of choice for carpets in the past few years, allowing homeowners to update their lounges with a touch of contemporary chic. Grey provides a modern alternative to white as a neutral base for your room, so there is a huge range of options available for you – whether you like the idea of brightly coloured walls or have a particular colour scheme in mind with regards to furniture, a grey carpet is a fantastic place to start.

Grey Tartan and Dining Room

Grey Tartan Carpets

One idea that is particularly on- trend for 2019 is grey tartan, with carpets in this attractive style providing a warm and welcoming ambience to your dining room. Combining the timeless charm of tartan with a modern, monochrome colour scheme, the Gleneagles Pattern Carpet is bold without dominating the room, and has a classic plaid design that is perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms or lounges.

Grey Tartan & Monochrome Room

Grey Tartan

A grey tartan carpet can be a fantastic place to start if you’re looking to create a monochrome look, allowing you great scope for adding extra touches of grey, black and white to give your room the stylish appearance you want. Light grey walls provide a contrast to a deep grey tartan carpet such as the navy and grey Admiral Wilton Carpet, while you may also consider curtains that match the shade of your carpet – darker tones help to create a cosy atmosphere, which is ideal if you spend a lot of your down time in the living room.

Grey Highland Tartan Carpet & Colours

blue tartan carpet

Alternatively, you may choose to complement your grey highland themed living room with more colour elsewhere. Calming shades of blue and green will add vibrancy to your room without feeling overpowering, while you can also transform the look of your lounge with a bold use of yellow – a pastel shade if you’re looking to convey a sense of relaxation, or a brighter tone if you want to create a chic, contemporary living space.

Scandinavian & Tartan Carpet

Scandinavian and Tartan Carpets

One trend that is proving particularly popular in 2019 is the minimalism of the Scandinavian living room, and grey tartan carpets fit perfectly into this aesthetic. Ironically, the emphasis on functionality over elegance has led to the Scandinavian approach earning points for style, and a laid-back grey tartan carpet can be coupled with a few pops of colour – perhaps an eye-catching lamp or an attractive armchair – to create an atmosphere which exudes effortless style, while still remaining homely.

Bedroom and Tartan Carpet

Don't limit yourself! The tartan can also take on a glamorous feel, combined with a metal bed frame, rustic clock and blue walls. The tartan carpet adds a gritty contrast, for a room that’s bold and sure of itself.

Tartan carpet for Bedroom