How long does artificial grass last?

If maintained well, the lifespan of artificial grass will typically be at least 15 years, but this depends on several factors.

Is your artificial lawn for public or private use? Has your artificial grass been installed properly? We’ll look at these questions amongst others to help you select the ideal artificial grass for you.

How much wear will it get?

The lifespan of your artificial grass will largely be affected by the foot traffic it undergoes. If you’re installing it in front of your shop rather than your back garden, then it is inevitable that it will be put under more duress and not last as long.

Equally, ask yourself lifestyle questions – are you a young family with kids playing garden football, or a couple who may only host the odd summer BBQ?

Will adverse weather affect artificial grass?

Our selection of Carpetright artificial grasses are made of sturdy stuff – after all, the majority of our products have a seven-year UV warranty because we have confidence in their resistance to fading in direct sunlight. But what about when winter strikes?

Well, artificial grass should be able to stand the test of rain and even ice – just let it dry out naturally. However, if you know that a heavy fall of snow is on its way, it may be prudent to put down a tarpaulin to give your lawn an extra layer of protection.

Still not convinced by the advantageous alternative of artificial grass? Have a look as to why is artificial grass so realistic. If you want an authentic look in your outdoor space, discover our full range of artificial grass and find your dream alternative lawn today.