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small bedroom Small bedroom ideas

Find many small bedroom ideas with great tricks to make your space look bigger than it actually is. It’s easy to make a relaxing haven out of your small space and here is how…

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storage hacks 5 space saving hacks

Wasted space is the enemy. The answer? Space saving ideas. Here are five hacks to help you get the most out of every square metre of your room.

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bedspread Quirky Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Creating your dream bedroom doesn’t need to involve a full blown renovation – a few simple accessories and the right lighting can make a world of difference. To help tweak your bedroom and make it as unique as you are, we looked into some fascinating decorating ideas with an unconventional twist.

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sharing room Top Tips for Sharing a Room

Whether you’re a couple moving in together, or your children are going to be sharing a room, these tips will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Six ways to transform your spare room Six ways to transform your spare room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room then don’t let that extra space go to waste! Whether you use it as a guest room, a home study, a walk-in wardrobe, dressing room or a library, we’ve pulled together some fantastic ideas for you.

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For girls bedroom ideas For girls bedroom ideas

Transform your girl’s bedroom in a haven for her — whether she wants a girly paradise filled with pink and ruffles and all things sugar and spice, or dreams of a more simplistic approach, there are so many fabulous and easy-to-achieve ideas out there now.

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Fun boys bedroom ideas Fun boys bedroom ideas

Creating an imaginative boys bedroom for your own little superhero can be a really fun challenge. With a little planning and some creativity, your lad can have a ‘super’ bedroom of his dreams that will also feel as good when he gets older.

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instagram interiors Top 6 Instagram Interior Transformations

Looking to give one of your rooms a makeover but in need of some serious #interiorinspo? Here are the Insta transformations that broke the internet, along with practical tips on how to get the look.

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The most common sleeping positions

The way we sleep has the power to affect our bodies for the better, or worse. Knowing there are better sleeping positions out there could help us to change our lives for the better.

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sleeping woman 15 Common Sleeping Myths Debunked by Science

We all love sleep, but many of us aren’t getting it right. Britons are now said to be the among the world’s worst sleepers, with our recent survey revealing that over a quarter (28%) of people aren’t satisfied with the quality of sleep they’re getting.

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man sleeping Understanding Sleep Cycles: what happens to your body while you sleep?

Getting ‘a good night’s sleep’ seems so simple on paper, doesn’t it? You go to bed, fall asleep, and then wake up feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly play out that way for many of us. Here we help you understand sleep cycles.

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man sleeping bench Is work affecting your sleep?

Where you work, when you work and even how you work, can all have a major impact on the quality of sleep you’re getting. We investigate what affect work has on your sleep.

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