What are the different types of carpet fibres?
What is normal wear and tear for my carpet?
You can see footprints on my carpet, is it faulty?
Is carpet practical for the bathroom?
What carpet is best for heavy traffic?
Whats the difference between branded carpet and non-branded carpet?
When does carpet need to be replaced?
What is the best way to clean carpets (blood/wax/polish/spillages)?
How do I measure my stairs for carpet?


What is the best mattress for allergy sufferers?
Should I get memory foam or pocket spring?
What is the difference between bed sizes?
How do I get rid of bed bugs?
Which bed is better for back pain?


How do I lay vinyl flooring?
Vinyl vs Lino?
Vinyl vs Laminate?
Vinyl sheet Vs Vinyl plank?


How do I install laminate flooring?
Does Laminate flooring need underlay?


Do I need underlay for my floor?

artificial grass

How do I install artificial grass?


What is the best type of flooring for my kitchen?
What is the best flooring type for my allergy sufferers?
Can I order a flooring sample?


Why do I need to pay a surcharge for hall, stairs and landing fitting?
Why won’t the store let me take a sample home?
Why did my fitter not show up?
I believe the fitter has damaged my property?
Why hasn’t my carpet been delivered yet?
Will I be charged a cancellation fee?
Do you provide a free measuring service?
Can I collect my order?
How much is delivery?
What is the delivery charge for?
How does the price promise work?
How do I make a complaint?
The telephone number on the website for my store doesn’t work, how do I get an alternative number?
What time is my fitting?
Will you dispose of my old bed?
Will you dispose of my old carpet?
Will my flooring need to be prepared?
Can I take away any of the beds today?


What forms of payment do you accept in store?
What forms of payment do you accept online?
Is it safe to enter my payment details online?
Do you offer interest free credit?
I am due a refund, when will I receive this?
Why is my refund taking so long?


Is your site secure?
Will you pass my payment information on to anyone else?
What is your privacy policy?
I would like to find information on my order?