Our innovative Fifty50 roller blinds combine moveable sheer and opaque fabric panels to give you greater control and flexibility over light and privacy. Fifty50 Blinds are double layer Roller blinds which allow for an open or closed position relating to the sheer/solid weave of the fabric. They are compatible with Motion, our motorization system. Our Fifty50 Blinds start from £33 and are made-to-measure in just three weeks.




Manual Blinds: Min Width - 150mm, Max Width - 2750mm, Unlimited drop.


Fabric will be 35mm narrower than the rail/tube to accommodate the control chain on manual blinds.



A Fifty50 Blind uses specialist fabric created in alternate stripes of opaque and sheer weaves. The Blind operates like a Roller Blind, but the clever bit is when you move the stripes behind each other to give a light reducing effect. This blind is sometimes called a ‘Zebra Blind’.


For ultimate luxury, finish the top of your blind with a Cassette. The sleek metal box hides all the operating mechanisms out of sight. The front of the Cassette can come uncovered, with 3 colour options, or can be covered in the same fabric as your blind. On larger blinds, the Cassette is bigger to house the extra mechanisms.


For great value for money, choose our Classic system. The brackets are visible and come in a white metal finish.



Fabrics: Plain with sheer panels, plain blackout with sheer panels, textures with sheer panels.


Bottom Bar: This is to give weight and stability to the fabrics. With a Classic system, there is a choice of 3 metal colours, and with a Cassette system you have the option of having your bottom bar uncovered, with 3 colour options, or covered in the same fabric as your blind.


Control: The chain allows you to operate the blind up and down and can be positioned on the left or right side. Colour options are white or black in plastic, or nickel or brass in metal.


Blinds Child Safety Awareness: Keep all cords and chains out of reach of children using the safety hook, which has been provided for you. Loose cords or chains should never be tied together.


Motorization: Motorize your Fifty50 Blind with our MOTION system. Control your Blinds with remote, app or smart connectivity. This is also our best child safety option.

Let in or block out as much light as you need.