Lounge Carpets

We have a wide range of lounge carpets in a vast array of colours and styles, including everything from textured, striped and deep pile carpets, to patterned, plain and bright carpets. Whether you want to make a bold style statement or simply complement your existing style with more subtle shades, we have something to complement every living room.
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Takeaway in store Lounge Carpets

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18 Item(s)
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Create the perfect look to the hub of your home by choosing the perfect lounge carpet, thick and soft under foot while boasting maximum style - the perfect addition to any home.

Simply add a touch of underlay upon installation and you can be sure your living room will be warm and cosy all year round and with the addition of one a rug in the centre. You can also be sure of having the perfect centre piece, sure to attract the admiration of many guests.

If you have lots of young children running around your home, this heavy use carpet will be the perfect answer to your needs. Create the perfect living space in your home by choosing a carpet that doesn’t just look great, but feels great too.