Yellow Carpets

Yellow doesn't have to be bright and garish. Here at Carpetright, we have a lovely variety of tasteful golden yellow hues including corn and sand shades. Pale yellows are an ideal colour for showcasing the intricate design of textured carpets and can give any room of your home an instant lift.
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Striped: Bold pattern Carpets

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4 Item(s)
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Transform your living space with a luxury yellow carpet, sure to add the finishing touch to any room in your home. This thick carpet promotes heat, comfort under foot and of course maximum style.

Whether you’re going for a contemporary look or that touch of authentic charm, you’re sure to get it with this stunning carpet. If your home tends to feel the cold more than most, don’t worry, you can simply add underlay to this stunning yellow carpet and ensure maximum warmth throughout the coldest months of the year.

This stain resistant carpet is great for when rugs are placed upon it as it is slip resistant promoting safety for the entire household. This light coloured carpet is sure to bring your home into the 21st century, so order yours!