Purple Carpets

There's no colour more sumptuous than rich, deep purple. Here at Carpetright, we have a wide range of purple carpets in a variety of shades, patterns and textures. Whether you choose a luxurious deep pile carpet or something for heavier use, purple can make a lovely style statement in any room of your home.
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Plain: Smooth & stylish Carpets

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9 Item(s)
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Here at Carpetright, we have a wide range of durable and comfortable carpets in a variety of shades and styles. Get creative with colour and consider an unusual shade to add interest and individuality to your interior. From bedroom carpets to playroom flooring, why not consider a blue or purple carpet to help enliven your home.

Typically suited for a boy’s bedroom, a blue carpet can make a magnificent masculine style statement, but why not try out a soft shade to create a fresh interior that oozes tranquillity and relaxation? A striped carpet can lift the look of an office space or add interest to hall, landing and stairs carpets. Pick a patterned carpet that can withstand the wear and tear of family life for a practical, yet stylish flooring solution.

From denim to damson and mulberry to midnight, we have a range of blue and purple carpets in every shade of the spectrum. So take the plunge and choose bold and bright carpeting today.