Plain Carpets

A plain carpet is the most versatile style of carpet. Whether used in a traditional home or a modern interior, plain carpets can be used in any room to simply complement existing decor or contrast it to make a bold style statement. Simply, you can't go wrong with a plain carpet in your favourite colour.
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Plain: Textured & rugged Carpets

For fashionable and natural flooring, choose plain wool carpets at Carpetright. Wool is renowned for its durability and resilience as well as its natural ability to resist stains, making wool carpets hard-wearing and long-lasting. Ideal for heavy domestic use, pick a wool carpet that’s sure to stand the test of time for many years without showing signs of wear and tear. Twist carpets, made from wool, will retain the shape and height of their pile, recovering quickly from furniture compression and the heavy traffic of frequent footsteps.

Wool fibre boasts natural flame resistance too, making it the ideal choice for children’s bedroom carpets. Not only soft underfoot, wool carpeting also offers cushioned protection for crawling children and the added bonus of noise absorbing benefits. Easy to clean, wool’s natural coating retains spills and stains near the surface, preventing fibre penetration and promoting quick and easy carpet cleaning. Our great range of wool carpets are available in a wide range of colours to help make a feature of your flooring. From bedroom to lounge carpets, pick the perfect flooring for you.

Express your individuality with an injection of colour in your interior. Combine the contemporary look of modern flooring with the warmth and comfort of traditional wool. Alternatively, choose a neutral tone such as a beige carpet to complement your existing design and decor. We boast flooring that have the combination of British wool with a percentage of manmade fibres, delivering softness and elegance with strength and durability. Ideal as hall carpets, plain wool will withstand heavy traffic while making a striking style statement that you can be proud of.