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Silentnight is turning 70 years old and to celebrate we’ve got some fabulous limited edition Silentnight hippos to give away. Hippo was made famous alongside Duck back in 1986 when they were introduced as the new faces of Silentnight. Their popularity grew and they have remained synonymous with the Silentnight brand ever since.

As the UK’s favourite bed and mattress manufacturer those at Silentnight have made it their mission to help everyone sleep soundly. Silentnight’s research has found as much as 75% of people are not getting a good night's sleep. Their ambition and goal is not merely as a quality manufacturer, but to provide the perfect sleep solution for all the family. Silentnight produces 664,731 mattresses each year and in 2016 was awarded Which? Best buy titles for some of their innovative mattresses.

At Silentnight, they know the secret to a great night's sleep.

With over 70 years’ experience as the UK's favourite bed and mattress manufacturer they have made it their mission to help everyone find their perfect sleep solution. Sleeping soundly is the bedrock of any person's sense of health and well-being, to help maximise performance in and out of work and enjoy a full and energised life.

To achieve this Silentnight is committed to continuous investment in research into people's sleeping habits, building the latest scientific developments and technical innovations into their products. Silentnight has sought to provide consumers with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible. This is exemplified by the unique "No Roll Together" properties of the Miracoil spring system in their Miracoil mattress.

Total quality lies at the heart of their business. As the UK's leading manufacturer of beds and mattresses they are committed to working to the highest standards for the total peace of mind of all their customers.

The team at Silentnight carry out a comprehensive range of tests on all components and finished products to ensure they meet or exceed all the UK standards. Their quality commitment extends to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities and they are members of all the key industry associations. They are proud of their UK manufacturing heritage with all their mattresses, upholstered bases and headboards being manufactured here in the UK.


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