A showcase for simple, natural beauty


Country Living magazine helps their readers bring country style to their homes, by celebrating timeless style and a simple way of living. Their featured interiors range from classic country to a more contemporary rustic aesthetic – but all are influenced by nature, captured in gentle muted tones, natural woodgrains and beautiful fabrics, textures and materials, to bring interest and warmth to any room.

So discover our Country Living Collection, and choose from a mix of traditional and contemporary looks; from plain to stripes in all kinds of shades… and let your carpet transport you to that idyllic rural life (wherever your home may be).

Louise Pearce, Editor-in-cheif at Country Living Louise Pearce, Editor-in-cheif at Country Living

Our buyer, Jemma explores the Country Living range with the help of Barry the dachshund. Explore the selection of gorgeous wool, sisal and wool blend carpets within the range and create a rustic, country feel in your home. You’ll be sure to find a warm and luxurious carpet with a selection of rich tones and natural flecks to transform your living space.

Wool twist carpets


This natural and sustainable range of carpets will provide warmth and added insultation to your home. This popular style’s fibres are tightly twisted together to create a textured, rustic appearance. Available in 100% wool and wool blends.


Shop Country Living wool twist carpets below.

Wool loop carpets


Introduce a stylish and natural look into your home. Created from a single loop strand, the beautifully textured feel of loop pile carpets is hard-wearing, making them ideal for busy family homes.


Shop Country Living wool loop carpets below.

Sisal carpets


This 100% natural material is highly durable, making it suitable for high traffic areas. Available in a selection of designs, you’ll be sure to transform your home with the gorgeous woven styles in this range.


Shop Country Living sisal carpets below.