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View our range of small single mattresses available to purchase online. Perfect for children's bedrooms or guest rooms, our small single mattresses come in many styles and comfort ratings to give you the support you need and all round comfort for a good night's sleep.
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Small Single 2'6 Mattresses

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18 Item(s)
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There’s no better feeling than sinking into a wonderfully soft mattress after spending all day on your feet, which is why here at Carpetright we’ve gone above and beyond to provide mattresses that provide the best possible comfort. Whether you are looking for a small single bed mattress or king size mattresses, we’ve got a super soft and comfortable one that’s perfect for you.

A small single mattress is often ideal for children's beds and with a diverse collection at Carpetright, the only problem is deciding between them all. For the utmost comfort, try a knitted fabric mattress woven with silk proteins or drop off to sleep within minutes with an Aloe Vera mattress treated with these essential oils.

You could also consider a small single memory foam mattress. Topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material, memory foam mattresses contour your body, providing comfort and relieving pressure on painful joints, promising a great night’s sleep.