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Make your single bed an area of ultimate relaxation with a new single mattress. Choose from pocket sprung mattresses for individually-tuned support or memory foam mattresses that supports your body. View the range and find your perfect mattress today.
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Single 3'0 Mattresses

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65 Item(s)
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A mattress can affect us in a number of direct and indirect ways. An old or uncomfortable mattress directly affects our sleep quality, which can then leave us feeling grumpy and unproductive the next day. Here at Carpetright, we understand the importance of high quality mattresses, which is why we have a great range of single bed mattresses on our website. If you are on the lookout for a single bed mattress, whether for children's beds, a guest bed or your own bedroom, there are important things to consider before making an investment.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your single mattress is giving you the best support possible. Since each spring is contained in its own individual fabric pocket, the springs in a pocket sprung single mattress can work independently of each other, offering unique support and easing pressure points. A single memory foam mattress can also give you the support you need. Temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material, otherwise known as memory foam, was originally developed by NASA and moulds to your exact body shape based on weight and heat.

This innovative technology can not only put a stop to tossing and turning but can also help to reduce pressure points. What’s more, it is incredibly comfortable and helps to keep you warm. From memory foam mattresses to high quality brands such as Millbrook mattresses, we have the perfect mattress for you at Carpetright, so check out our website today.