getting the right fit for your new bed

At Carpetright we’re all about getting things right for your life, and your bed is no exception.

When buying a bed it’s important to be prepared with access to your home measured effectively. The last thing we want is to have to take your bed back to store before you’ve even had a chance to sleep in it. We won’t be able to offer a refund if your bed doesn’t fit.

So we’ve made this handy little guide to measuring your home before you choose your bed to make sure it’s just right for you.

the steps to make sure your new bed fits perfectly

Right Dimensions Right Dimensions

1. Right dimensions

When you’ve found a bed that’s right for you, you need to check it’s right for your room too. We suggest measuring the bed from one side to another to get its widest dimensions. That way you can check if it will fit comfortably to make a space that’s right for you, with enough room to jump out of bed in the morning and move about.

Right surroundings Right surroundings

2. Right surroundings

Be sure to check what’s surrounding your bed, so nothing stands in the way of you and a good night’s sleep. Ensure there’s plenty of room to open and close doors, wardrobes and drawers. It’s also good to bare this in mind when purchasing a bed with built in drawers, for this we would recommend leaving at least 40cm of room.

Right through the door Right through the door

3. Right through the door

To avoid turning your bed away at the door, we suggest measuring the bed’s widest dimensions as well as your door frames from top to bottom, to be sure it will fit through all doors and hallways without causing any damage.

Right for your home Right for your home

4. Right for your home

If your bed will be making itself at home upstairs, be sure to measure the beds widest dimensions as well as the shortest straight-line distance from the ceiling to the nearest step on your staircase, in order to get it up the stairs without damaging anything around it.


Lastly, enjoy your new bed and your best night’s sleep yet!

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