Bed Frames

Make your bed frame your bedroom centrepiece. Choose from metal, wooden, upholstered or faux leather bed frames for the ultimate in both style and practicality. We have bedsteads to suit all tastes and budgets, so create your very own bedroom bliss.
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Bed frames

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35 Item(s)
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The functional purpose of bed frames does not have to overshadow the importance of aesthetics when it comes to redecorating or refurnishing a room. Whether you are looking for a single or a double bed frame, we have a diverse selection at Carpetright to suit all tastes, décors and budgets. Different bed frames will suit different tastes and design purposes.

For example, light coloured wooden bed frames will give a room a natural feel and have a warming effect on a room. Darker shades of wood have an air of luxury about them which imbues a room with opulence. Metal is wood’s equal when it comes to strength and durability and has the added advantage of looking great in both modern and traditional homes.

Elegant and timeless, metal bed frames are great alternatives to wood. Whether you have king size mattresses you need a king size bed frame for or small double frames, Carpetright has an exciting range of options. We also stock divans, from single to super king size, if you want to explore alternatives to bed frames or want to double up on functionality and combine a comfortable sleeping place with built-in storage.