Artificial grass buying guide

Say hello to artificial which is more durable, more comfortable underfoot and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Our vibrant range of sustainable artificial grasses provides an affordable, low maintenance alternative to natural grass which will keep your outdoor spaces looking fresh and green, no matter the season. Let our home expert, Lucy Alexander tell you why she is so excited about artificial grass in the video below.

Why buy artificial grass?

Our range of artificial grasses are made from a mix of polypropylene and polyester which give them a realistic, natural grass shade. The cost of artificial grass ranges from under £10 to £30 per m2 – you can get artificial grass for less than you think. Plus, think of the money you’ll save in the long run!

The benefits of artificial grass are plain to see – we’ve listed some of our favourite reasons below:

carpetright tick a great low-maintenance alternative to natural grass
carpetright tick hard-wearing, long-lasting and fade-resistant
carpetright tick hygienic and easy to clean
carpetright tick safe for children and pets
carpetright tick designed to drain easily
carpetright tick perfect for small or awkwardly-shaped outdoor spaces
carpetright tick realistic and soft underfoot 

If you’re interested in easy grass, browse our artificial grass range now.

Find the best artificial grass

Developments over the last decade have seen the popularity of artificial grass grow rapidly, largely due to the fact that this natural grass alternative now looks and feels more like the real thing. Advancements in manufacturing means you can now choose between different shades, lengths and textures of grass, giving you more control over how your outdoor spaces will look. Below we explore the considerations you should make when browsing the artificial grasses within our range.

Pile height


Longer pile height artificial grasses are popular because they provide the lush-look of a natural lawn. However, shorter pile height grasses give the impression of a well maintained lawn and are still comfortable underfoot. Whether you want 37mm or a luxurious 42mm, we have a pile height perfect for your garden!



This refers to the amount and thickness of the yarn, as well as the number of stitches in the grass. For higher traffic spaces such as family gardens, we recommend a denser grass with a high grass blade density.



Whether you want an immaculate and vibrant green lawn, or a more natural, flecked lawn, the choice is yours. Artificial grass is now almost indistinguishable from the real thing! We have a range of artificial grass colours available; from medium to dark greens, vibrant to natural hues, there’s a shade to suit every home.

Free artificial grass samples


Free samples are available to order for some of our artificial grasses. Order now to discover the natural look and feel of artificial grass.

Transform outdoor spaces


With its easy fitting and low maintenance, artificial grass is a popular choice for many outdoor areas, not just the obvious lawns. It can be used on caravan sites, patios, roof gardens and decking.

How to lay artificial grass


Read our guide on how to lay artificial grass for full installation instructions from the experts. You can also pop into your local Carpetright store or call us for more advice on installing your new lawn.

Artificial grass maintenance

You can forget spending Sunday mornings cutting your grass. Artificial grass takes very little maintenance – no mowing, watering or feeding means more of your time is your own. The upkeep couldn’t be simpler; just a regular going over with a leaf blower for best results – or stiff broom or plastic rake if a blower is not available, to remove leaves and debris, and it’s as good as new. 

For all your care queries answered by the experts, read our guide on how to maintain artificial grass. 

How to clean artificial grass

If you have a pet dog or cat that urinates on the grass, it’s good to pour white vinegar on the area affected. Leave the white vinegar to soak through for a few minutes and then rinse away any water. We’d also recommend that once a week you hose down your artificial lawn with some plain water straight from the tap to keep it clean and looking good. 

How to look after artificial grass

• Lightly rinse your artificial lawn once a week.
• Use a flexible lawn rake or a broom with stiff bristles to remove any dirt, dust or leaves. 
• ‘Groom’ the lawn using a broom or handled brush regularly. Go against the natural grain to encourage each blade of artificial grass to stand up properly.

Artificial grass care & fitting guides