Lucy Alexander’s easy tweaks to sell your home

Selling your property


Dependant on the property market, it may take longer than hoped to sell your home. There are a few small simple changes you can make that will have your home snapped up in no time. With expert help from estate agents and interior designers, we have curated a list of quick fixes that will make a difference.


  • Making a good first impression – Curb appeal holds great importance when selling your home, make the front of your house look inviting. This may mean clearing pathways of weeds, cleaning your windows and perhaps even investing in some potted plants to bring a homely feel.
  • A thorough clean will be sure to make a big difference. It will help make your property look its best and keep it smelling fresh, making viewers feel that they could see themselves spending more time there.
  • If there are odd job fixes that need to be done then embrace the DIY! Fix dripping taps and wonky shelves, you may have been putting them off for a while, but those seeking their dream home may be put off by the little things.
  • Declutter your home, although it is nice for viewers to see a home that is ‘lived in’ lots of clutter can be off putting. This should help make your home look more spacious and appealing to potential buyers.
  • Tone down your rooms with light colourings. Invest in a neutral colour carpet and magnolia paint for the main areas of your home. Creating a blank canvas helps viewers to imagine what they could do with the space to make it their own.
  • A beautiful kitchen will sell a house for you. Update this room in your home to create a fresh and clean feel that viewers feel they could move straight in to. Painting cupboards and replacing door handles could make a huge difference. Replace tired flooring with simple and affordable vinyl flooring.
  • Remember not to spend lots of money on a full home makeover, you’re unlikely to make the money back. Focus on affordable home improvements such as replacing worn flooring and freshening up walls with touch of paint.


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Below is a helpful infographic to guide you through the process of selling a house