How to fit flooring accessories

You’ve ordered your dream flooring and, determined to achieve that picture-perfect finish, you’ve even invested in the right accessories too! From carpet gripper to door bars and underlay, if you don’t want to take advantage of the recommended fitting arrangement service and fancy fitting the accessories yourself, then read on for our top tips on how to fit them perfectly today!

Flooring accessories included in this guide

Before getting stuck into your new renovation project, it’s important to have everything you need. This easy-to-follow guide will take you through each step to fit flooring accessories in your home. These accessories include:

  1. How to fit carpet gripper
  2. How to fit single edge door bars
  3. How to fit double edge door bars
  4. How to fit Z-section door bars
  5. How to fit luxury vinyl tile door bars
  6. How to fit laminate door bars
  7. How to fit wooden beading
  8. How to fit stair rods
  9. How to fit carpet underlay
  10. How to use vinyl adhesive spray
  11. How to use double sided vinyl tape

How to fit carpet gripper


Designed to provide a firm grip on your floors and also to prevent new carpets losing tension once they’ve been laid, carpet gripper is a worthwhile investment.

  • Before you start it is important to locate any hidden wires or pipes using a pipe and wire detector.
  • If you find a pipe or wire, mark the spot in these areas and use gripper adhesive instead of nails.
  • Make sure you wear gloves when handling gripper as the pins are very sharp. Gripper should be fitted all around the edge of your room except across door thresholds.

How to fit single edge door bars

Firstly, make sure you have the right door bar as there are various choices, depending on your flooring types and heights.

  • The correct position for a door bar is centrally across the threshold so it cannot be seen on either side when the door is closed. Once you have positioned your door bar centrally like this, cut the bar to the right length with a hack saw.
  • Ensure there aren’t any pipes or cables under the floor.
  • For a concrete floor drill the holes with a power drill using a masonry bit and insert wall plugs. You can then fit your door bar!

How to fit double edge door bars

Help your new flooring stay in place with double aluminium door bars. The perfect choice for carpeted rooms, they fit flat against the floor at doorways to provide a safe and stylish join between rooms.

  • Try and position the door bar completely central underneath your door; this way it won’t be seen on either side when the door is closed. Measure and cut the door bar to the correct length with a hacksaw.
  • Next, check for any hidden pipes and cables that may be under your floor. If your floor is concrete, drill some holes with a power drill and a masonry bit. Add wall plugs before you fit your double edge door bar.
  • Install and enjoy your new flooring!

How to fit Z-section door bars

If you’re going from a carpet to a hard flooring option, then you will need a transition piece to hold the edge of the carpet in place, and the Z section door bar is the perfect bar for the job!

  • Measure the opening of the doorway where you will be installing the Z-Bar and cut the length with a hacksaw.
  • Cut off the corners of the Z-Bar – the Z-bar needs to be able to lay flat.
  • Position one lip of the Z-Bar flat on the hard surface with the other lip flat where the carpet will be (or is). Hammer nails into the lip of the Z-bar to hold in place.
  • Stretch the carpet over the Z-Bar with a kicker and place the spiked end of the kicker a few inches away from the bar and on top of the carpet. Apply gentle pressure as you hit the flat end of the kicker with your knee – this will push the carpet forward.
  • Keep on doing this until the carpet is positioned over the bar and is stretched across the floor.
  • Push the edge of the carpet into the space in the lip of the Z-bar positioned over the hard surface. Push firmly in place with a screwdriver or a carpet tucker.

How to fit luxury vinyl tile door bars

Need something to join your LVT with another flooring type across a doorway? Then a stylish LVT door bar is the perfect solution for you!

  • Ensure the LVT has been fitted first.
  • If the bar isn’t already the correct size, cut it to size.
  • Click the door bar into place and check it is secure.
  • Trim to size and place a piece of your LVT flooring the in gap for a flawless finish.

How to fit laminate door bars

Especially perfect if your flooring is going from carpet to laminate, a laminate door bar creates a refined finish, the perfect final touch that looks stylish but is also practical.

  • Fit the floor, leaving a gap big enough for the expansion profile.
  • Once the floor is fitted, add the door bar (sometimes referred to as a T bar). This can be stuck or screwed to the floor.
  • It should click on easily. You’ll know if it’s correct as it won’t move – easy!

How to fit wooden beading

The perfect way to hide your expansion gap, beading should be laid flat 24 hours before you fit it to allow it to acclimatise to the room – this will reduce the chances of it shrinking.

  • Cut the beading at an angle using a mitre saw or specific trim cutter for corners.
  • Attach the beading to the skirting board using an adhesive or panel pins.
  • If you need a longer length, join the beading together at a 45-degree angle. This will give you a cleaner finish.

How to fit stair rods

Holding your carpet in place without the use of adhesive or glues, stair rods also help with absorbing noise as they hold the carpet down firmly, blocking noise from penetrating into the flooring beneath. Stair rods also help to make your stairs look luxurious and stylish – they’re the perfect finishing touch.

  • Take the finials out of the ends of your stair rod. Cut your stair rod to the length you need – a hacksaw will be your best option.
  • Once cut, put the finials back in the ends of the rods.
  • Place the brackets on the stair rod.
  • Position all of the brackets on the edge of your carpet runner.
  • Screw the brackets into each of the steps.

How to fit carpet underlay

It’s worth investing in a good underlay as it’s really an integral element that shapes how flooring feels, wears and looks and will ensure your carpet has a long life.

  • Lay the underlay loosely in the space, ensuring the rubber side is facing down.
  • Using a craft or Stanley knife cut it so that the underlay is at the same level as the grippers.
  • Butt the edges together and join them with tape, ensuring that the edges do not overlap and that the underlay is flat and level.


For a more in depth fitting guide for underlay click here.

How to use vinyl adhesive spray

Bond your vinyl flooring safely and efficiently with an easy-to-use vinyl spray.

  • Make sure the surface you are going to apply the spray to is clean and dry.
  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Sprayonto the fixed surface for a temporary solution or onto both surfaces for a permanent bond.
  • Leave to air for two or three minutes – this will enable any solvents to evaporate.
  • Press the flooring firmly into position.
  • Leave to set for 30 minutes.

How to use double sided vinyl tape

A fuss-free to fix vinyl flooring to your home quickly and easy, this 12m vinyl tape is easy to fit and provides a firm and secure hold that's sure to last. 

  • Attach the tape to the underside of your vinyl flooring – but make sure it is fixed on two different corners.
  • Lay the vinyl across your floor.
  • Stick down for a flat and even finish and flooring that won’t budge!