Corporate relations


Our corporate responsibility

Being Europe’s leading retailer of floor coverings carries certain responsibilities, but even if we weren’t the leader, we would be sticking firmly and steadfastly by our principles.  Our aim has always been to provide our customers with the best choice of floor coverings at the best prices, delivered with unbeatable customer service. That elusive mix of quality and value that we always find top of our customers agenda.

But in order to deliver the very best value to our customers our Corporate Responsibility policy has to run deeper than merely providing great service.  


Committed to our people

Our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we communicate openly and regularly through a variety of methods including meetings, newsletters and in-house radio broadcasts. It’s why we invest heavily in individuals’ development, ensuring that not only everyone has the right skills, but also feels fulfilled in their role. The benefits of working at Carpetright are key too. That’s why we offer an attractive package to all our staff which includes a Pension Scheme, Death in Service Assurance, Staff Discounts and Annual Achievement Awards to name but a few.


Committed to our communities

At Carpetright we understand the importance of the community around us and to that end, we always encourage our staff to take on community commitments in a wide variety of forms – from joining the local council to becoming a school governor, from helping out at a local hospital to being a member of the TA. Whatever it is, Carpetright’s commitment to its local communities is unstinting and plays a major part in staff fulfilment.


Committed to equality

Carpetright operates an open recruitment policy and does not discriminate on grounds of age, disability, race, religion or sex. Once working at Carpetright, all our colleagues are fully expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct in their dealings with suppliers and customers alike.


Great people, great products

Our commitment to sourcing the best products from the best suppliers is unswerving. We always seek out suppliers who operate in an entirely responsible manner and ensure they meet certain criteria covering many different aspects including employment, the environment, health & safety. When sourcing our products, sustainability is key and we are proud to have achieved numerous milestones including 100% Forest Stewardship Council certification on wood suppliers and an underlay range that includes a product made from recycled tyres.


Working in harmony, working in safety

Having respect for our colleagues, customers and suppliers alike is crucial. But just as important is that everyone who works at Carpetright and everyone affected by what we do benefits from the very highest standards. To help achieve these demanding standards we make sure our performance is second to none in the following areas:

Training that works - Training at Carpetright is ongoing and ever-evolving. As we see it as integral to working safely and healthily, a robust modular training programme has now been introduced.

Accident reporting - Carpetright now has a vastly improved accident investigation procedure and incident report form which allows much faster reactions to situations. We also have an external helpdesk which produces detailed information on a monthly basis helping us to identify potential risks throughout our business.

Reducing manual handling - We’re constantly on the lookout for state-of-the-art equipment which helps to reduce manual handling. It’s a policy that’s helped to reduce the number of accidents over the last five years.

First Aid - We believe the provision of quality first aid vastly reduces the chances of incidents becoming more serious. Carpetright’s First Aid training exceeds recognized statutory requirements.

Smoking in the workplace - Carpetright operates a no-smoking policy throughout its workplaces.

Communication - Health & Safety education and improvement is communicated through our regular newsletter, ‘Revitalising Health & Safety at Carpetright’ and contains news and reminders of correct procedures and future legislation.


Respect for people, respect for our environment

We believe that providing the best quality products with the highest levels of service shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we’re totally committed to minimising any damage our operations may cause to our planet, whether through manufacturing, transport or energy use. Here’s what we’re doing so far:

Using less energy - We’re using alternative electricity technology in our efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce our CO2 emissions. In fact since 2003 we’ve bought 10% of our energy from renewable sources and we’re always looking for ways to increase this figure.

Producing less waste - Whilst we’ve increased the number of our stores, we’ve reduced our waste by nearly a third. We’ve also identified stores with high water consumption, rectified these issues and achieved a reduction of water usage by up to 85% per store.

Using less fuel - At Carpetright, we’re making every effort to use less fuel. This includes reducing the distance our products are carried to minimise pollution and congestion. In addition, all of our drivers have undergone fuel efficiency training which has contributed to making a tangible and significant reduction in fuel over the last few years. We will, of course, continue to find ways to improve our performance in this area.


Payment performance reporting - dispute resolution

Our policy is to make payment in accordance with the terms of any contract in place. In the event of a dispute, the person or department responsible for the contract will endeavour to resolve any dispute with the supplier. If that is unsuccessful, any dispute resolution process set out in the contract will be followed or, in the absence of such process or the process failing to resolve the dispute, a court will ultimately decide whether payment is due to a supplier.