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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a material which, at room temperature moulds itself to the shape of your body within a few minutes. Compare this with a normal mattress which simply remains flat and never moulds itself to your curves and it's easy to see why many people choose memory foam for their beds.

Originally developed by NASA,this visco-elastic material was soon being scientifically designed for pillows, mattresses and toppers. It became a revolution and a revelation for people seeking a deeper, more relaxing sleep, but was still the preserve of a wealthy few. Now, with Carpetright's development, memory foam and indeed, a great night's sleep, is finally affordable.

How could it help me?

If you suffer from back pain or any other pressure-sensitive pain, memory foam can help you by automatically adjusting to your body shape. This means your weight will be more evenly distributed across your mattress, avoiding any painful pressure in one spot.

If you've ever had the dilemma of trying out a hard mattress and then swapping for a softer one or vice-versa, then think of memory foam as doing away with the need to compromise in your search for more comfort.

Does it only work for people with pain?

They work for anyone. Many doctors recommend memory foam, but the simple fact is that many people, whether they have health issues or not, simply find sleeping on memory foam more comfortable. The good news is that at Carpetright, we offer memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers to anyone looking for their perfect night's sleep.

How could memory foam benefit me?

Proven deeper sleep

Research suggests you lose the equivalent of an hour's sleep every time you wake up in the night. And studies show that it's easier to fall asleep on memory foam whilst it's also more likely you'll stay fast asleep. The result? Better quality sleep and a more refreshed you the next morning.

Reduces underlying pain problems

Because memory foam moulds to the unique shape of your body, you don't get the pressure points, and hence the pain, that can arise for instance in your hips or shoulders sleeping on traditional mattresses. This greatly reduces the chances of spending the next day with those all-too familiar daytime aches and pains. In addition, those with back problems benefit from their weight being much more evenly distributed, reducing the effects of pain.

Breathe easier – it's allergy free!

If you suffer from any allergies, you can look forward to a better quality sleep. Unlike traditional mattresses which can be home to dust mites – they're not fans of memory foam, which means less sneezing, less of a runny nose and an altogether more hygienic sleep for you.

Improved circulation

High blood pressure can be aggravated by the pressure points of a traditional mattress. Luckily, as the pressure point problem is greatly reduced by memory foam, this is no longer an issue.

Temperature controlled sleeping

Carpetright uses high-tech fabrics, such as Outlast™ (TIME magazine's former 'Invention of the Year'). It absorbs and stores your excess body heat when you're warm, and gives it back to you later on to help create your perfect sleeping temperature.

Find help choosing the right mattress with our Mattress Buying Guide or return to our Home Page to start shopping now!


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